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Infosys Interview questions with answers. Infosys Candidate experience with question and answers


Hi all,
I attended the infosys off campus on march 1st 2014. Written test consists of two sections 1. Reasoning

2. Verbal

Resoning :

In this section there will be 25 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. No negative marking. There are 5 Questions on syllogisms , 5 on data interpretation, 5 on data sufficiency, 5 Questions on arrangements, 1 Question on number series 1 Question on alphabet series, 2 on permutations and combinations.

GUYS data interpretation is tough and time taking so try it at last. Remaining are very easy. Quantitative aptitude by RS Agarwal will be sufficient.


In this section there will be 40 questions to be answered in 35 minutes. Guys this section is moderate tough. 5 Questions on theme deduction, 2 passages each having 5 Questions total 10 Questions from passages, 6 Questions on identifying correct sentence and 6 Questions on sentence improvement.

Theme deduction is easy but you have to know how to identify theme for this, so go through verbal and non verbal reasoning by RS Agarwal. Passages are lengthy but the questions are asked directly from the passage. Even though it takes time it will be easy for scoring. Coming to identifying correct sentence you will be given 4 options we have identify the correct one. Sentence improvement we have replace the underlined phrase with the correct phrase.

My suggestion is first go through theme deduction, passages then identifying correct sentence and sentence improvement, if you don’t know answer mark any option and proceed to next question because you won’t have time to review questions.\

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