L&T InfoTech Interview questions

L&T InfoTech Interview questions with answers. L&T InfoTech Candidate experience with question and answers.


I attended L&T InfoTech recruitment drive in Chennai in the second week of March .Here is my interview experience.
First round: Aptitude Questions
There were three sections i.e. quantitative aptitude, logical questions and verbal ability.There were three sections all sections with 20 questions and total of 60 questions.The test duration was 60 minutes. Most of the questions were relatively simple and easy to attempt.
Round Two: GD
After the first round, there was a group discussion for the selected candidates. These are the topics that I and few of my friends got.
a. Mars Orbiter Mission –¬†Mangalyaan
b. 30 percentage reservation for woman in parliament
c. Impact of mobile in the Indian society
d. Uniforms/dress code in professional colleges and institutions etc
Round Three: Essay writing
Everyone who wrote the essay was asked to attend the further round which was the technical discussion.
Round Four: Technical interview
The interview was for 30 minutes .There were questions on the details of the project that I did as part of the final sem .The interviewer asked me to write a small program on sorting logic .He asked me the list of websites and apps that I use frequently and ask me to give 5 things that is good about one app and 5 things that I did not like about it.
Round Five: HR Interview
There were lot of questions about my personal life and interests.
a. The interviewer asked me about the family details
b. There were questions on what and my strong and week points.
c. The subject I liked most in engineering and why
d. He asked me what I know about L&T and its business
e. Work location preference
I am still awaiting the final result and hoping that I will get through this time as I am confident that I did relatively well in most of the rounds.

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