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Larger buildings may be supplied with a medium voltage electricity supply, and will required a substation or mini-sub. What is the main item of equipment contained in these?
A.     Transformer    B.     Transponder
C.     Transducer    D.     Converter
Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option A


The transformer is used to transform a medium voltage supply to a low voltage supply, e.g. from 11 000 V to 400 V. A transformer is rated in kVA, kilo-Volt-Amps, which is a measurement of electrical power.
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What was the active medium used in the first working laser ever constructed?
A.     A diamond block
B.     Helium-neon gas
C.     A ruby rod
D.     Carbon dioxide gas
Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option C


Theodore Maiman built the first working laser using a ruby rod while working at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California. It lased for the first time on May 16, 1960.
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What does EPROM stand for?
A.     Electric Programmable Read Only Memory
B.     Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
C.     Evaluable Philotic Random Optic Memory
D.     Every Person Requires One Mind
Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option B


A chip found in alomst every microprocessor…

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