Language integrated query interview question

13. Which interface implements the standard query operators in LINQ?

The standard query operators implement the IEnumerable<T> or the IQueryable<T> interface in C# and the IEnumerable(Of T) or the IQueryable(Of T) interface in Visual Basic.

14. What are standard query operators in LINQ?

The standard query operators in LINQ are the extension methods that form the LINQ pattern. These operators form an API that enables querying of any .NET array or collection. It operates on sequences and allows you to perform operations, such as determining if a value exists in the sequence and performing an aggregated function, such as a summation over a sequence.

15. On what parameter does the GroupBy clause group the data?

The GroupBy clause groups the elements that share a common attribute.

16. What is a LinqDataSource control?

The LinqDataSource control enables you to use LINQ. in an ASP.NET Web page by setting the properties in the markup text. You can use the control retrieve or modify data. It is similar to the SqIDataSource and ObjectDataSource controls in the sense that it can be used to declaratively bind other ASP.NET controls on a page to a data source. The difference is that instead of binding directly to a database or to a generic class, the LinqDataSource control is designed to bind a LINQ enabled data model.

17. How can you open the O/R Designer?

You can open the O/R Designer by adding a new LINQ to SQL Classes item to a project.

18. The standard query operators are themselves a set of extension methods that provide the LINQ query functionality for any type that implements the IEnumerable<T> interface in Visual Basic. Is it True or False?

False, as it implements the IEnumerable(T) interface in Visual Basic and the IEnumerable<T> interface is implemented in C#.

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