Virtual Lans networking interview question


You connect a host to a switch port, but the new host cannot log into the server that is plugged into the same switch. What could the problem be?
A.     The router is not configured for the new host.
B.     The VTP configuration on the switch is not updated for the new host.
C.     The host has an invalid MAC address.
D.     The switch port the host is connected to is not configured to the correct VLAN membership.
Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option D


This question is a little vague, but the best answer is that the VLAN membership for the port is not configured.
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Which of the following is an IEEE standard for frame tagging?
A.     ISL    B.     802.3Z
C.     802.1Q    D.     802.3U
Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option C


802.1Q was created to allow trunked links between disparate switches.

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