IBPS Placement-Paper

IBPS specialists officers IT Stream wise questions with answers on March 16 and 17th 2013 examination, IBPS specialists officers IT Stream memory based questions and answers

Quantitative – 50 Questions (50 marks)

Reasoning – 50 Questions (50 marks)

English – 25 marks(consisting two sectins)

IBPS-Professional knowledge – 75 Questions (75 marks)

IBPS specialists officers PO, Clerical CWE on line examination process

IBPS on line test 4 Options we can select, friends you can select your option which section (more confident section) that you select first Because it saves your time in your examination

To start the online exam we should enter our roll number and our registration number as password ( to  enter details no need of keyboard, a keyboard interface is available you should just click the data using mouse)

The Questions from Professional knowledge is mostly covers topics from Database, Networking, Data security, a  few questions about computer hardware, Operating System  etc… The Question was High level Most of the profession questions more from Data base,Operating systems and Networks

IBPS specialists officers IT Stream wise questions with answers on March 16 and 17th 2013 examination

  1. 1.    
    1.     What is OLAP? (online Analytical processing)

2.     In an organization to prohibit unauthorized access to your computer via the Internet , you should provide which of the following (popup blocker, firewall, spyware blocker, spam assassin)

3.     To create a copy of files in the event of system failure, you create a __________.

4.     TCP/IP consist of _________________ layers Ans : 4 layers(Application, Transport, Internet, and Network Interface)

5.     If a transaction is running, and one process is waiting state _______________ is the situation occur

6.     1 terabyte – one trillion bytes

7.     Question related to Data encryption

8.     The __________ is the software tool to store or access data. (table, DBMS, query, report)

9.     In data base table duplicates entry can be avoided by using ________________(field, key, record, attributes)

Question related to object oriented data base


IBPS Quantitative reasoning and English questions are high level questions, time management is an important factor, Before appearing exams practice maximum more mock on line tests this will help you to improve your test time

Guys start your exam-appearing professional knowledge and Verbal ability because it saves your time.That saved time you can use in aptitude and reasoning section ,Because aptitude and reasoning section need more time to calculation

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