Bel sample electronics solves question paper

Bel sample electronics solves question paper

1. Match the following List ­ I with List ­ II
List ­ I                                         List ­ II
1. P­Type Semiconductor         a) Aluminium
2. Intrinsic Semiconductor         b) Phosphorus
3. Trivalent                               c) Impure Semiconductor
4. Pentavalent                         d) Pure Semiconductor
a) 1­d, 2­a, 3­c, 4­
b) 1­c, 2­d, 3­a, 4­b -Answer
c) 1­a, 2­d, 3­b, 4­c
d) 1­b, 2­d, 3­a, 4­c

2. Hall effect used to measure
a) Electric field intensity
b) Capacitance
c) Conductivity of material -Answer
d) None of the above

3. Following truth table is correspond to

a) OR gate -Answer
b) AND gate
c) NAND gate
d) XNOR gate

4. Which one of the following gate is called as Universal gate
a) AND gate
b) XNOR gate
c) OR gate d
d) NAND gate -Answer

a) Half adder -Answer
b) Fulladder
c) Half subtractor
d) Full subtractor

6. The binary number 1010 is equivalent to the decimal number
a) 5
b) 6
c) 10 -Answer
d) 11

7. For what condition Buchholz relay gives an alarm?
a) Transformer tank below oil levels detected -Answer
b) Transformers tank above oil level detected
c) No oil detected
d) None of the above

8. The unit of conductivity is
a) Ohm­metre
b) Siemens/metre -Answer
c) Celcius
d) None of the above

9. A 50HZ 20 poles alternator will run at
a) Greatest speed
b) Smallest speed -Answer
c) Moderate speed
d) None of the above

10. A Step­up transformer used to increase
a) Frequency
b) Current
c) Voltage -Answer
d) None of the above

11. The LASCR operates like a
a) Varactor
b) Latch -Answer
c) Photo diode
d) LED

12. A negative­resistance, microwave device for oscillator application is
a) IMPATT diode
b) Step Recovery diode -Answer
c) Gunn diode
d) Schottky diode

13. The IMPATT diode operates at frequency range between
a) 10 ­ 100 -Answer
b) 20 ­ 200 GHZ
c) 5 ­ 500 GHZ
d) 2 ­ 50 GHZ

14. Slip for 3­phase Induction motor is


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