Hi Friends, I am Shubhadip Datta from Govt. College Of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, Kolkata. There was a poll campus interview of Infosys in our college campus on 6th March,2008. Almost 375 students from 5 different colleges were attain this campus interview. And friends good news that I am the one of lucky one to get chance to take training from Mysore .

No of College=5
Total Students=375
Students who cleared Aptitude Test=25 (Be careful huge reduction in this section)
Students Select in interview=14 (I am one of them)

Selection Procedure:
Infosys is such a company where there is no barrier in stream. That means students from any stream can sit in Infosys. There are no direct Technical round in Infosys.

The whole Selection Process contains two section Aptitude test.
>Analytical & Logical reasoning:(30 question : 40 minutes)
>English section: (40 question : 35 minutes)  

Friends  they will not tell about any sectional cut off be careful about section cutoff. I heard that there is 60%  cutoff in first Section, & 50% from second section.

After Aptitude test HR interview.
Study Materials:
>Verbal & Non verbal-R.S . Agarwal.
>Some Time’s CAT study materials.
>And of course last but not least Freshers World (Be Regular & update with this site, You will get really very help)

Analytical & Logical reasoning
Friends I have not remembered the order of questions but I am telling the questions in such a order that I follow and I am sure that you also get advantage if you solve question in such order.
>Syllogism: (5 question) – Friends not only in Infosys but also in others first attempt this question. It is very easy to solve.
Question Pattern:  Statement: All A is B. Some B is C.

Conclusion: I,II
You have no need to memories all the rule  of R.S. Agrawal and even you have no need to draw vein Diagram to solve it, If you follow Time’s CAT materials. There is very simple rule in Time’s materials by which you can solve a syllogism with in 15 sec.

>Figure Series: (5 questions)- This is really very simple. For practice see Agrawal. But don’t waste too much time for it.
>Dice & Cube Problem:(5 questions)- In my apti the prob was like below:
A cube is given and is painted six side with six diff colors.
Red is adjacent of yellow and green.
Pink is opposite of yellow.
Brown is in the bottom face

Now Q:1)Which color is in the top face?
Q:2) Which color in the opposite face of Red?
But there may also come others pattern:
There is a cube and it is cut in 27/64/125 equals pieces of cube. Now two face is colored with black, two green, two red.
Q: No of cube which is painted three faces…No of Uncolored cube…..
Just see 3-5 Example from Agrwal It will come in ur hand.

>Puzzel: (5 questions) – Keep ur head cool for these question. I know puzzle makes everyone puzzeled. Read the question carefully draw the diagram, matrix and put the data one by one according to given information. I am sure that every one can solve it.

>Data Interpretation: (5 question) – A chart, graph, table will be given….and you have to solve some problem on statistics. It will too much time conserving section so do it at last…..and also follow the Option elimination process.

English Section:
Friends I am really very week in this section. But as I have cleared so you can clear it easily.

>Two passages and 5 question from each passages: Do it at the last. And before reading the passage see the question one time.
>Sentence Correction: Be care about tense mistake, spelling mistake, using of pronoun…..
>Fill in the Blanks: Gain a details idea on preposition, phrase, idioms.
>Theme Detection.

HR Interview
Now the final section. The only one solution to crack the interview is keeping yourself cool. Friends believe me the Infosys HR panel are the coolest person in the world(At least for my panel). And always think that they are taking your Interview to sect you , Not to reject you. Be friendly, polite with them……

I was in the two persons’ panel. And I was interviewed two times. After Completing the first interview one interviewer told me “Shubhadip, we are very sorry, Please wait for 5 min outside, we may call you again. ”

First Interview
Me: Good afternoon sir, May I come in?
HR: Yes , and be seated.
Me: Thank you sir.
HR: So Shubhadip r u tired for waiting long time?
Me: Not at all sir. I am going to be a IT professionals and no word like Tired in their dictionary.
HR: What is the meaning of your name?
Me: I told very clearly(They impressed) .
HR: Show your group work capability.
Me: I told about my project …and leadership on that project.
HR: Which quality of leader do you find in your self.
Me: I told and explain them about 10 leadership quality with example.(This is common question in infosys)
HR: What is the crucial decision in your life that change your self?
Me: I told about my school life computer Education…and my interest on computer……

So many questions on teamwork and leadership.

Second interview
HR: Sorry Shubhadip for taking your second interview.
Me: Sir, Its my pleasure to get chance to sit in front you again.(Always show the politeness & good Behavior)
HR: What is  your week points?
Me: ……
HR: What is your reaction when one rectify ur week points?
Me: …..
HR: How do you react when a misunderstanding is happened in a group work?
Me: ……
HR: give some example on you real life..
Me: …….
So many question on my daily life….
HR: what is your best subject?
Me: Physics.
HR: Tell me about Black Hole.
Me: give a cleared ideas.(they impressed)
Hr: Tell something on current Computer related physics.
Me: I told them the use of quantum theory on 6th generation computer. Actually I heard it from a seminar.
HR: (they are really too much hearing these and encouraged me to join all the seminars)

HR: So Shubhadip nice interview with you.
Me: Its my pleasure.(I shake hand with them)


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