Mphasis Placement-Paper

On 23-01-2011 we have written test conducted on topics “series , verbal ability, data interpretation, GK, C, Java, DBMS”. We don’t know the topics until we reached exam hall. Finally we entered to hall and we  got the question papers.
My “friend cum sister” my friend helped me in GK answers and also in technical answers.  And I passed that answers to my batch. Finally I and my batch selected in written test with good marks
We prepared a lot for technical round and finally the interview date fixed at      28-1-2011.
My technical interview: 
me: very gud afternun sir
TR: gud afternun and u r gupta! Right
Me: yes sir!
TR: well, gupta what is polymorphism
Me: the ability to represent the data in different forms i.e., let us take add method which have different signatures like add(int x,int y) and add(int x,int y,int z) and add(float x,float y) and so on and these forms may have different return types and here we have two types 1) overloading and 2) overriding.    Overloading is appeared in runtime and overriding is done at interface concepts
TR: ok
TR: what is DMA
Me: generally we have the concept SMA means static memory allocation which allocates memory at compile time. This memory is allocated by int, float, array etc., we have a problem to extend the memory at runtime so to overcome this problem “C” provides Dynamic memory allocation. Here memory is allocated by two functions 1) malloc 2) calloc . Both functions returns default return type is VOID pointer so we have to type cast the return type to our required pointer datatype. Malloc is very efficient than calloc
TR: ok Gupta u can leave
Mr: tank u sir
Actually 550 members wrote written exam but 253 members are short listed and the technical interviewer asks nearly 50 questions which is repeated around for 253 members. And  I think TR selects only the candidates who say the answers indirectly with perfect explanation. So when TR asked me about DMA  “ I explain why this concept implemented”. Finally I am selected to HR round and my HR was done as:
Gupta: very gud evng sir
HR: ha gud evng and how do u feel Mr.Gupta?
Gupta: good sir
Hr: only good
Gupta: very happy sir
HR: y
Gupta: passed Technical round and entered into HR sir
HR: who said u passed TECH
gupta: only the selected members are moved to HR so i think i passed
HR: no u didn’t  passed, u r recommended by others
gupta: no! i performed well so i passed TR sir.
HR: do u have any backlogs?
Gupta: till now i don’t have any backlogs sir
HR: wt is the reason for decrease in your percentage?
Gupta: upto inter i have only theoretical subjects
HR: means u by hearted it

Gupta: yes sir and i didn’t get any subject knowledge from that and dont know how to deal any problem in any subject in a practical way but in engineering i read in a technical and practical manner and i also concentrated in improving my skills bcoz i am very poor in communicating and i overcome this by participating in events conducted in other colleges and organizing events in my college. here concentrating a more on both sides leads to less percentage but i managed studies in a constant way and till now i didnt have any backlogs. i can truely say “now i can achieve any” which shows a lot of improvement

HR: tell me something ur self
Gupta: this is gupta and i came from Rajahmundry which is famous by River GODAVARI
HR: Stop! Stop!
Gupta: i am in blank face
HR: y u said about rajahmundry i just asked tell me about yourself
Gupta: ok i am good in my technical subjects
HR: which Subjects
Gupta: C, Java
HR: both!
Gupta: yes sir (with confidently)
HR: k
Gupta : i got second prize in project presentation and i got silver medal in DEBATE competition
HR: ok, what is ur career interests
Gupta: i want to be in field of security management issues
HR: what do u mean security issues
Gupta: means for example let take GMAIL, providing a secured Authentication and authorization and filling strongly the loopholes of company’s network.
HR: y u choose that
Gupta: bcoz before two years my email was hacked i worried a lot and i thought y gmail is not secured and in that time i take a decision as i want to be in security management issues to overcome the existing problems and i learned a lot about hacking and ethical hacking which helps me a lot  of external knowledge on internet up to my extent.
HR: that means u want to work in networking
Gupta: networking software field sir
HR: What you want to be after 5 years?
Gupta: i want to be in a recognized place among group
Hr: why should we hire you?
Gupta: i have some knowledge on my tech background, i can adapt to any nature and i am a work dedicated person and i can easily manage time schedules and i can easily mingle with others and make them as friends easily which helps in communication development skills
HR: Strengths and weakness?
Gupta: i always approach in a positive manner
HR: don’t say positive manner just say positive attitude person
Gupta: ok, and i feel more responsibility to complete the task which is assigned to me
HR: it doesn’t comes under strength
Gupta: no sir feeling more responsibility is my strength sir bcoz it helps me to complete the task perfectly and with in time which shows me as a good person and i wait silently for 4-5 seconds(i skipped weakness here bcoz i dont have right answers and HR also forgets that)
HR: greatest achievement in any situation
Gupta: Elected as Class representative for my class is my first achievement in life and y i say this is best is actually i have a lot of stage fear in giving public speech and when i elected stage fear falls down from 100% to 50 %  and with in CR position i solved some class problems by dealing with members and with my own solutions and i also got so many opportunities to organize the events conducted by my college which reduces remaining stage fear.
HR: Differentiate yourself from others?
Gupta: i am always be a sharable person means if i know any imp matter then i share it to other appropriate persons who need it. actually some people doesn’t say any imp matter to others but i am not like that i am always sharable
HR: How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
Gupta: i never think about the working years i just think how can i improve my skills which helps to my growth and to use my skills to the company’s growth
HR: Did u done mini project?
Gupta: s
HR: how many members in that?
Group: 4
HR: what’s your position
Gupta: b member
HR: had u face any failures or problems occurred in your project
Gupta: we face a lot of problems.
HR: can u explain me?
Gupta: sure the major problem we face is communication problem bcoz all my team members are of different stations and we overcome this problem by communicate with each other in lunch breaks and in leisure time and initially we dont know about the project details and we simply jumped into coding it creates a lot of problems in coding and we overcome this by analyzing the project requirements and in that we learn that we must follow any life cycle of SE to do project and we follow a Spiral model to do the project and y Spiral is my team project guide always changes the requirement s for every review.
HR: Do u think u qualified for this job
Gupta: s
HR: ok i just want to ask one question if u satisfy me with ur answer then i give job
Gupta: s sir
HR: I don’t know how he ask question but the actual questions is  “ you are a fresher and u don’t have any training and company allot a task to you then how u handle the task.Gupta:  i just analyse it and learn from others with in my region, bcoz even every person contains a single ability. so i learn the way how to approach the work and complete the task from other people.
HR: ok thank u
Gupta: tank u sir and once again gud evng sir
Note: I use a word SIR repeatedly in every line. between the conversation HR scolds me  seriously as don’t use SIR always
I think my HR is done with STRESS + behavioral interview
Finally I am one of the selected candidate and I wiil be gratitude to my sister and all my friends and staff who supported a lot.
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