Aptitude Interview IT Company Practice Paper Quantitative


Company: HCL Tech., Chennai.
Place: Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
Date: 29-05-2006
type :fresher(campus)

The written test was in the morning and to my surprise, it consisted of only two sections Aptitude(35) and Technical(20). The Aptitude part had all  unexpected topics like Data sufficiency, some puzzles, passages and very few question on aptitude but tough. But the technical part was easy with questions covering on all topics like C (programs on pointers), C++, OS, Software Engineering, Computer fundamentals.

There were negative markings, +1 for every correct answer, -1 for incorrect and 0 for unanswered one with 1 hr and 30 mints time. There was also section cut-off. I was pretty confident of my technical paper.

Technical Questions
1. Language extension is
1. Pre-processor
2. complier
2. what is thrashing
3. what type of testing is testing the function interface.
4. Const *ptr, *const prt difference?
5. number of links need to connect all nodes in mesh network.
6. black patching is done in which phase?
7. 1 question on C using malloc()
8. number of * that will be printed for the call fun(5)

fun(int a)
If( a > 1)


1. 1 Arrangement problem dealing with position of 6 people standing in front of an ATM
1. Who is standing at first in the queue?
2. Who stands at the 4th position in the queue?

The problem was very easy

1. Another problem in arrangement. There r 4 people who take single job and play 2 games. Rules were given for assigning the jobs and games to them.

1.      Who is the accountant?
2.      who does not swim and 2 more question like that
3.      There was a problem in data sufficiency. A table for the cricket tournament was given with some attributes left. Rules were given on how to fill the table, after filling the table we have to answer the question
1.Did srilanka played against bangladesh?
2.whats India highest score in an innings?
And 4 more questions
This problem was very tough.

4. The given is the interger series. Where a1=1,a2=2 and amn=anam
find a3, a5,a1800.

5.      Dravid scored 1/3 total score for India in a match. Sachin scored 80% of the runs excluding dravid and others. While other batsmen managed to take 32 in total. Whats is the score of dravid?

6.      Ramu and Raja can finish a project ‘X’ in 3 and 4 days. Ramu and Somu can finish the project ‘Y’ in 4 and 5 Day. They can all do the project ‘Z’ in 12 days.

1.      What is the number of days taken by ramu to finish project Z all alone?
And similar questions.

The results for the written exam came after 1 hour and the selected students were asked to come for the GD. Some of the topics that I remember were Cubical egg, why HCL should not select u? This round was not a major elimination round. Only very few were rejected. Then we were asked to come for presentation after the lunch. The interview process started around 3pm, we were divided into 2 groups. I belonged to the 2nd group and had the interview in the next day morning.

The interview was very easy and all the question where only from the resume. I first had my technical interview and then the HR interview. In Tech interview I had most of the question from java & J2ME, coz of my project. There were also question from Linux, SDLC, C++ and DFD.

The HR interview was really cool. I was asked simple question like r u willing to relocate? Why HCL should not select u? I was also given a couple of problem and ask to solve. Divide a square into five equal parts? At last around 4 in the evening the results where announced and I am happy to get into HCL!!!

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