IBS Placement-Paper


Hi friends, The IBS software visited at 10th april,the eligibility is above 70%. The interview consists of 3 rounds

1)aptitude test
2)technical round
3)HR round

The apti was  easy only.the total marks for apti is 100.Around 30 questions were asked.Each question contains different marks(1,2,3,4,5).but the cutoff will be low.

Mainly apti consists 4 or 5 parts.Numerical apti,logical reasoning,logical deduction,blood relation,coding-decoding,cube based problems(easy only).

for eg in numerical apti,
what is the value of 2^222 *3^333 *4^444?
when 2^50000 is divided by 7 what is the remainder? etc. 

in logical reasoning, Seating arrangement,Blood relations etc.

356 students were attended .141 students were shortlisted for technical interview.(our eligibility criteria was 65%) 60 students were short listed for HR interview and finally 23 of them were selected.

In technical i was asked to write a program “swaping of 2 nos without using variable”& chech whether a no is prime or not.

In some panel they were asked to write “reverse a string without using string func”&”pick up vowels in a string& asked to find out the error in the programs(with functions). so be prepare,especially for IT students technical round is the elimination round.

In HR we were chating for 45 mins.some personal questions & general questions & some subject based questions &what is the use of pointers? In some panels there were full of puzzles.Around 3 to 4 puzzles were asked. Atleast u hv to solve 2 puzzles.The main elimination round was HR(we think so).

Be confident while u r answering,non of the IT students were selected.So be prepare for technical round as well as HR round.

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