Hi everybody, I am sarita Agrawal . I had appeared for KPIT CUMMINS test at 12 feb 2008.

Aptitude test pattern:
test is of 35 marks for 30 minutes.
cut off is 17 marks
no sectional cutoff

There are two sections

In quantitative section there are 20 question.
they are really time consuming.I solved only 10 questions.
while solving don’t guess about any question solve only those question which

1.There is a ladder resting against a wall of height 8m with a top of  ladder coinciding with the of wall. when the foot of ladder is moved 2m away from the wall; the top of ladder slips down & coincides with the foot of the wall .find the length of ladders

2.50 man can build a wall of 40m height 30m breadth 50m width in 20 days. then in how many days 40 man can build a wall of 30m,40m,60m? Be fast while solving.

3.find the minimum value of g from following option of x.
if g=max(5-x, x-2)
1)3.5 2)4  3)4.5 4)2.
ans. 3.5

4.ther are three pipes A,B,C A can fill a tank in 15hours, B can fill a tank 20hours,c can empty a tank in 25 hours.a man can start a tap A at 3 o’clock B at 4 o’clock & C at 5o’clock.find at what time tank can full? values aer not correct.

5.abcd=1 then minimum possibility of value of (1+a)(1+b)(1+c)(1+d)?
ans. 16

Its  easy ,solve english section first. there are 15questions on sentence correction. but remember that there is negative marking of 0.25.

there are two separate interview

ther were 4pannels for tacking interview was about more than half hour.
They are rally cool persons.
he: how was the day?
i: too long sir.(he shocked & asked me why)
i: because i am very much enthusiastic for my interview.(he impressed)
he: explain about project my project is on php&mysql. i explaind all things.he asked some questions on database of my project.
he: last year subject  be prepare with all subjects they will ask basics of all subject
he: favorate subject.
i : data structure  he asked program for tower of honoi& also covered all the concepts of data prepare with ur favorate subject.
he: how u rate urself in oops from 0 to 10?
i :seven but i want to be 10.(he impressed)  he asked some questions on DBMS, OS,Software Engineering, they asked all process model.
at last he told me to wait outside. within 2 min result come out.i selected for HR.

I am the first person for HR.
the person was very cool.
he test only confidence & communication skill.
he: tell me about urself?
i : told.
he: what r ur hobbies?
i :making new friends. be prepare with ur hobbies with example.i told i made some friends in travelling.
he: family background
i: told.
he: do u have any question?
i : yes sir i have a question  i have one more year to complete this cource.what do u expect from me to do in this one year to fit in your     organization

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