Sasken Placement-Paper

Sasken previous years interview experiences shared by different candidates in different placement recruitment drive Sasken interview procedure,Sasken hr interview procedure


Sasken Interview


It was one and hour paper. It has got three sections. Total Marks 60

1.Multiple Choices.

2.TRUE and False.


Following are section 1 and section2 questions.

1.How Jk F/F can be converted into T F/F.

2.Difference between display and write in Verilog.?

3.ASIC flow steps? (RTL design ->Functional Verification->Synthesis ->STA->Place and route)

4.Difference between Latch and F/F?Which is faster?

5.Difference/Comparison between DRAM and SRAM?

6.what happens to Vth if temp Increases>?

7.In a negative feedback control System ,If feed factor Increases what happens to Gain and Bandwidth?

8.NMOS  and PMOS will pass which value without degradation?[NMOS -0 and PMOS -1]


(i).Cant be further reducible and glitch

(ii)Can reducible further and cant glitch

10.which is faster :read cache or write cache?

11.Noise Margin Definition?

12.What happens to power If Vth increases In CMOS?

13.enum = {a=1,b=5,c,d}

What is the c and d?

14(.A’+B’) is equivalent to?




15.How can we Increase the slope of Trasnfer chacteristics of a CMOS?

(i)Increasing W/L ratio of PMOS and NMOS In the same proportion

(ii) Increasing W/L ratio of PMOS and NMOS In different proportion

(iii) Increasing W/L ratio of PMOS only

(iv) Increasing W/L ratio of NMOS only



Descriptive Questions

1.What happens If we interchange PMOS and NMOS in a CMOS Inverter?

2.Why PMOS width should be greater than NMOS? a =0;

If(a++) print (“Example1”);

else if (++a) print (“example2);

(i)What is the output if the program?

(ii)What is the value of i?

4.What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pipeline operation?

5.Draw the output waveform?

(i) initial begin

Y = #5 0;

Y = #3 1;

Y = # 8 0;

(ii)       Y <= #5 0;

Y <= #3 1;

Y <= # 8 0;

6.Write a Verilog code for async RESET and sync SET  F/F?

7.Design NAND gate using 2:1 MUX?

8.Design 4 input NAND gate using 2 Input NAND gate?

9.Design 3 input AND gate using 4:1 MUX?

10.CMOS schematic for (AB+C(A+B))’

11.Different Types of power dissipation in CMOS?

12.Moore overlapping sequence for 1101.

13.Difference between MELAY and MOORE?

14.Design a latch using MUX?

15.Characterstic Equations for SR, JK,T,D F/F.

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