Hi frds, I am M.MOUNIKA from MGIT with CSE specialization. I am happy to say that I am placed in Sierra Atlantic software services.

This company came to our college ONCAMPUS on 13 July 2007.

Eligibility-65%. Only for cse and it.

Totally 56 members attended and 21 cleared the written. Then we need to fill our details in the given form. Then they divided these 21 members into 3groups and conducted group discussion. From 21 members 12 members were selected. Then easy writing was conducted but there was no elimination. Then interview was conducted. Among 12 members, 7 members were selected.

Totally there were 4 rounds

1) Written

2) GD

3) Easy writing

4) Interview (hr+tech)

WRITTEN: – 3 SECTIONS (2 1/2hrs).

Paper was tough and length but cut off was low.

A) VERBAL: – synonyms, antonyms, analogies, jumble sentences, one word substitution, given sentence is divided into parts and we need to find that part which contains grammatical errors.

B) QUANTITATIVE: – puzzles (R.S.AGRAWAL), probability, permutation and combination, numbers, series, etc…

(There were no questions on cubes, data sufficiency, data integration, syllogisms, blood relationships, pipes, clocks, calendars, odd man out).

C) TECHNICAL:-c (question on output of the given programs, arrays, pointers were there -refer Test Ur Skills in C OR PUZZLES IN C, it was very useful for me), java (output for given pgm), advance java (servlets).


1st group topic – love marriage vs. arrange marriage.

2nd group topic –badsha or shansha (amitab or sharuk who is better).

3rd group topic – is sms polling required or not (e.g.:- in Indian idol).

They didn’t give us time to put points on paper. GD was started as soon as topic was told. I was in 2nd group. I was late to speak out but told nice points.

One boy started Gd he was supporting amitab, his fluency was good. He took example of kabi kushi kabi gam. He was the only one against to all of the group members. I thought he would b the first person to b selected but he was not selected. May b becz he was dominating others and was onesided.

Some other told abt kbc and kbc2.

Some other told abt their age differences.

Other told that it depends on the director who gave them character to play.

I told that we can’t compare each other.becoz every individual have their own talents and they r different in there own way. Example I gave DON movie.

I also told that sharuk is young and by the age of amitab, sharuk can become as great as amitab and may be more than him.

Also told some point against amitab abt the movie nishabd whr amitab played negative role etc….

1person told that how can we say whether right eye is better than left eye…

At last I concluded the Gd as said above


Easy writing topic was recent movie so I wrote abt Adavari matalaku ardalu veru.


In my panel 3judges were there. Boy, girl, boy. (All r young only).

Me: I confidently went near the door and asked-may i come in. Then I wished 3 of them individually.

Judges: They introduced themselves.

Me: I was standing like that only.
judge1 (boy): said to sit.
Me: sat.
judge1: do u hav boyfrd.
Me: no
judge1: u have boyfrd.
(Before interview we had easy writing. I wrote abt love story. So I thought that seeing my easy writing paper they r asking me that question so I said)
me: I will watch love stories but it doesnt mean that i hav boyfrd.
judge1: not that. I am not asking abt easy writting am asking generally whether do u hav bf.
Me: I normal talk to boys but i dnt hav boyfrd.
judge1: i know u have boyfrd.
Me: I said no confidently.
judge1: he was seeing my eyes continuously for 2-3mins.
Me: I was also seeing him.
judge1: y didn’t u have bf.
Me: (having bf) it generally happens with everyone which didn’t happen with me.
judge1: what??
Ur saying generally happens and also didn’t happen. What is that?
Me: normal it happens with everyone which didn’t happen with me may be in future it may happen.
judge1: do u smoke.
Me 🙁 without any facial reaction) confidently I said no.
judge1: do u drink.
Me: no
judge1: Do u drink water.
Me: yes
judge1: just now u said that u dnt drink.
Me: sir I thought it is alcohol.
Judge: y did u think like that?? I didn’t say that naa.

Me: generally drink means alcohol na sir.
judge1: who told that?
Me: sir first u asked abt smoking then u asked abt drink so i assumed like that sir.
judge1: so u assumes more aaaa. (In résumé I wrote my weekness as — i tend to think more, sensitive so he was cross checking it).
judge1: tend to think more –how is it Ur weakness.

Me: some times it is weekness and some time it is useful

judge1: u r saying that it is useful then how it is Ur weekness

Me: it is weekness becz my time is wasted but sometimes it stops me doing wrong.
judge1: sensitive means in wht way Ur sensitive, to heart or skin sentive
me:both sir (I am skin sentive also).
judge1: to heart means in wht sense?
Me: if anybody insults me i can’t bear that sir.
judge1: now i am insulting u very badly, I am one saddiest, I will not leave u until u cry then wht will u do?
me: first I will know the reason y r u insulting me
judge1: no reason just for fun i am insulting u
me:i will say that i didnt do any mistake then y r u insulting me
judge1: then also i will insult u
me:same ans
judge1: same question
me:i will argu that i didnt do wrong
judge1: so u will argu aaa
me:if needed then i will

judge1: is Ur voices is like this only or do u have cold? (My voice is really rough)

Me: like this only

Judge1: it’s nice. Husky voice (I was shocked to hear that)

judge1: y should i hire u?
Me: I am quick learner, hardworking and smart working, ability to work in a group, good at programming (wrote in the resume)

judge1:whr do u rate ur self in programming from1-10
me: 6
judge1:other than 4,5,6 say other no.
me: 7
judge1:why 7 why not 3?
Me: my range is between 6 and 7 only sir.
judge1: wht languages do u know?
Me: c Lang, core java.
judge1: y not advance java?
Me: we don’t have in our circulum
judge1: wht is jvm?
Me: java virtual machine
judge1: wht is its function?
Me: converts source code to byte code….we will use javac and java commands for that……
judge1: features of java


judge1: wht is platform independent?
Me: compile once and run anywhere……
judge2: wht r different types of classes?
Me: abstract class…
judge2: types of variables?
Me:int, float…..           Public, private, public –access specifiers…..
judge2: wht is private, public, protected explain?
Me: told
judge2: she was confusing me.
Me: I again repeated correctly with confidence.
judge2: do u know c++.
me don’t have in our circulum but i have basic knowlege abt c++
judge2:whr did u learn
me:i normally do combine studies with my frd so she thought me
judge2:can u do any pgm in c++?
Me: I only know basics
judge2: yaa in that only can u do

judge2: wht is difference between c++ and java?
Me: security, platform independent…….
judge2: again wht is platform independent
judge2: wht is sql?
Me: structure query language
judge2: wht is RDBMS?
Me: rational database
judge2: rational aaaaaaaaa????
Me:sorry relational not rational.
judge2: for what does it is related?
Me: tables
judge2: types of join?
Me:equi join, natural, join, outer join……
judge2: did u heard abt left join?
Me: yes
judge2: whr?
Me: left outer join and right outer join
judge2: wht will it do?
Me: told completely and correctly with example
judges whr satisfied
(i wrote in my résumé that one of  my achievements is i organized the event Qubit cse technical feast)
judge1:wht did u do in that even some other person also told the same? Did u both work together
me: there were so many groups i was in reception committee i.e. escorting the judges, giving awards to judges?
judge1: to judges or participants?
Me: both, award for judges and also prizes for participants. Blaa blaaaa

Then came my marriage topic.they played with me like anything.
judge1: when is Ur marriage?
Me: not now sir
judge1: after 6months aa
me:no after 5yrs
judge1: wht is Ur age?
Me: told
judge1: till that time will Ur parents wait aaaa
me:yes they r supportive to me. i give importances to my career first

judge2: yaa everyone will give importance for career only
judge1: if u fall in love then wht will u do?
me: if I fall in love he will understd me no sir
judge1:he showed the judge3 and said he is my lover and he understds u but if his parent want to do his marriage wht will u do?
Me: we will convince them.

In between judge2 and jude3 were also interacting but mostly judge1 was asking me questions
judge1: no they want to do his marriage soon becz his age is 30 then what will u do?

Me: so whts there in that i will marry him and also do job simultaneously
judge2: no he is leaving to US and want to take u also.then wht will u do?
me: he will undertsd me sir
judge1&2:no he wants u to come
me:if he really loves me he will wait for me
judge2&1:he will also say the same for u then wht will u do?
Me: sir if we love each other means we already discuss all this before and hav common understding no sir.
judge1: ok leave him.if i will wait for u will u marry me aaaa.
me:u may wait for me but i didnt love u no sir
judge1:y just now u accepted him (judge3)as ur lover then y  ur not accepting me?
me: sir u told that he is already my lover whereas ur proposing me now
judge1:so u r rejecting me aaa
me:not that sir.i don’t know can i accept u.

judge2 (girl): u both boys are waste one girl rejected u
me:am confused and smiling

judge1: no no u have disappointed me, my day is bad today one girl rejected me.u can leave now
me:not that u give me some time.let me be free with u .understd u then I can say.
judge1: no u rejected me.u can leave
me:left the room confidently.

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