Sierra Atlantic Placement-Paper

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Hi frnds,,,,,,,,,,

This is Srinath…

I have attended Sierra Atlantic on 7th July 2007.
The selection process consists of 4 rounds…they are
1)written test
a) Aptitude—-1 hour…around 50 questions…
b) Verbal——40 min…around 50 questions..
c) Technical—45 min…around 50 questions..
2)Group Discussion
3)Technical Interview
4)HR Interview.

Aptitude is mainly from probability, combinations, logical reasoning questions……….R .S  Agarwal is enough..
Verbal consists of choose the order of sentence, antonyms, synonyms, analogies….
Technical consists of C ,C++ ,java, DBMS…
The paper was very lengthy….and the cut off was also very low…
and remaining rounds are same like others….

All the best… few question’s that I remember

Watz diff b/w mallac() n calloc() n 4 option were given.
Watz is mean by main()?
Watz virtul function n virtual deconstructor?
Watz mean by NULL POINTER?
Simple c programs n out puts>..

Steping upto apptitude practice R.S. Aggarval its more than enough
few topics that i remmember r like time n work,time n distance,percentages problems,series,prob on ages,probability,prob on clocks,calender, n also practice R.S.Aggarwal verbal n non verbal in that practice logic reasoning…..
steping upto verbal its really easy don’t get much tensed abt this section…..
steping upto next rounds its G.D n H.R ronud.IN H.r round b confident abt urself speak clearly wat u wanna say few questions I crossed in H.R round
1.Tell me abt ur self
2.Do u have grl/boy frns
3.Do u smoke.
4.Why should v hire u.
5.About company
k anywayz I got rejected in H R round. k be confident thats the mantra 2 success.k all d very best 4 ur exam.

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