Steria Placement-Paper

Selection Procedure

There are three rounds

1.Writtent Test

2.Group Discussion

3Technical Round

4.HR Round


I.Written Test

No of Questions-50

Time limit-50 Minutes

There are 3sections


a)Computer Architecture Basics (10 Questions)


Questions like :

Processing speed of CPU is calculated in (Ans – MIPS)

Process is (Ans – a program in execution)

Convert Hexadecimal no. (say 1110 1011 1000 0011) to decimal etc.


b)Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal / Non Verbal Reasoning (20 Question)

Topics to concentrate


Time and Work

Pipes and Cistern

Time and Clock

Series Completion (Figures)

Arithmetic Reasoning


Profit and Loss



Simple logical questions

Some sample questions :

1.Sum of three numbers is 98. The ratio between 1 and 2 is 2:3. The ratio between 2 and 3 is 5:8 . Find the second no?

2. A car travels uphill at 30 km/hr and downhill at 60 km/hr. It goes 100 km uphill and 50 km downhill. Find the average speed of the car?

3.A batsman’s average in 12 innings is 24.00 . If his average is to be double of the no of innings (15 innings), what  should he score in the remaining three innings (averege)?

4.A man buys 1kg of sandalwood and 1kg of teakwood. He sells one for 10% profit and other for 10% loss.What is total profit/loss percentage?

5. In a class of 250 students, on JAN 2 15% of the girls and 10% of the boys are absent. If on 100% attendance there are 10 boys. Find the percentage present?

6. Mandrake has to choose from 4 from 10 people. There are 3 Girls, 5 Boys , 2 Children. What is total probability that he will choose 1G , 2B , 1C?

c)Questions on Problems of C Programming Language (20 Questions)


Most of the Questions were on Pointers …


2.Group Disccusiion


A group of 10 students was formed , and before starting GD they asked to give brief introduction .

My topic was “ Are Indians Quality Concern “ .

Some Basics Tricks to crack GD are :

Try to initiate the GD

Do not deviate from the topic

Be a good listener i.e. let others also speak.

Support Your statements with relevant real world examples.

Do not show aggression

Control Negative Hand Movements and mind sitting postures.



Normalization with examples of Relational DB Schemas .

Operating System topics (Dead locks , Paging)

Sorting concept and code of palindrome no.

Inheritance concept and friend function examples

And some general questions

Why your % in degree are less ?

Why don’t u want to do higher education ?

Why steria ?

What will u do if u don’t get you interest area at steria ?


4 4.HR Round

What are your Hobbies ?

What are your goals

Why don’t you think about setting ur own company ?

Are you flexible with shift timings and  relocation ???


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