Zensar Placement-Paper

Hey friends..!!!

If u r going for ZenSar,lemme tell U..U just need to chill. anyone with just a basic knowledge of 10th level maths n average english skills will surely make it to ZenSar.

The new pattern has got 4 rounds of selection:

1)General Aptitude Test: has 4 sections but we were told to attempt only three as 4th section was technical with C and C++ questions and it was an open campus for all trades,that’s why.
(a)General English: with sentence completion,Synonyms,matching relation type questions with 1 comprehension(a bit different) and yes most important “English section was qualifying” means if u do not clear this section ur paper will not be evaluated.

 (b)Mathematics: simple problems over area,volume,probability,profit-loss,Simple Interest and all.just refer R.S.Agrawal or Abhijit Guha..that will be more than    enuf.

  (c)Logical: Data interpretation type problems. i guess it needs no practice. u gotta do it on the spot. jz need presence of mind.

2)Group Discussion: there were batches with 10 students each after elimination from  Aptitude.
topics were like: Are women better manager than men, recession, population etc
(if u clear this u are almost done,start partying :D)

3)Technical Interview: guyz from different departments were tested in their fields.
was not much tough. basic knowledge will clear it easily

4) Personal Interview: just be confident with everything in ur CV. the interviewer just scanned ma CV and questioned over that only. do have sound knowledge about ur hobbies.rest will be cool.

5) Wait for the Result:Date

if everything has gone the right way then keep ma words U R A ZenSarian..!!

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