Allfon Group discussion topics

Allfon Group discussion topicsĀ 

The first round was GD round. They selected about 150 from about 750 students.
Second was the apti round. Only 23 got selected for technical round. Finally there was a HR round and 6 people got selected.
Some GD topics were….
should mob. ph. be banned in college
is bpo good for india???

Apti round consisted of 30 apti and 30 technical questions… (30min+30min)
Some questions that I can recollect are
antonym: blanch (ans: repaint)

novel:book (ans: play:theater)

There was a fill in the blanks

4+y=14-4y y=? (ans:3)

2 digit no. units digit 4. when reversed it is 4/7 of the original. what is the no?

A can do a work in 10 days, b 12days, c 15days. a,b do the work in the first day. a,c in the 2nd day. again a,b and a,c and so on. how many days are reqd.
low=25, high=75 then pass=40. using y=x+b if high=250 and low=100, find pass.

In a equilateral triangle if parameter=36.9 and altitude=8. find area

cos15*cos75 = ?

A partnership problem

A problem on A is doctor and so on (plz refer page of R.S.Agarwal)

1442 when divided by a no. gives 2 as remainder. 1803 when divided by the same no gives 3 as remainder. what is the no? (ans:360)

profit and loss problem.

5 queries(options were given).

what doesn’t OS do? (ans:transaction)

heap is (ans:structured tree)

RDBMS tree structure model (ans:hierarchical model)

pure virtual fn. (ans:abstract class)

this pointer?

when is constructor called?

in the technical interview round questions on DBMS, DS, OOP (Java,C++) was asked.

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