Birlasoft Placement-Paper

Hi  friends firstly I thanks to MY BHAGWAN  SHIV SHANKAR JI  and MATA JI  for placing me in BIRLA SOFT . Myself is pramod kumar and I want to share with  u  about my experience in the written test , GD , and interview in birlasoft . Actully birlssoft is visiting at 18th march , 2012 in a campus MAIT which is one of the affiliated institute of GGSIPU  , and there was a pool  campus  placement so other college were also invited in MAIT .and i was from USIT . firstly there was a written test and mainly focus on 2 sections

1.  Technical Test    –     Given  30 Q .I think 15 Qs on java and 15Qs on cpp
based on JAVA AND CPP
in java (15Qs)there was Qs on INTERFACE , Abstract class , inner class , inheritance ect.

in cpp (15Qs) like
1. EOF returns
a . 1  ,  b.  0,     c .   -1  ,  d  .  none of these
2. based on 3d array like
int a[3][2][2] =  {some list is given }
and they ask  like what is  a[2][0][1] =
3.Some qs on pointers .

in Aptitude section (30Qs)
Qs based on
angles , age  alligation and mixture , triangles , time and work , stream and boats , time and distance etc
i think rs aggarwal is sufficient for this section.

2.  GD :-   Then they sort list  the selected candidates after 3-4 hours later and then they make a group of about 10 candidates for GD and the topic of my group was
Rakhi Sawant Sovaymver with Rahul Mahajan Sovymver

other topic was
1. apple
2. pros and cons of dating
3. t-20 vs one day cricket

then after GD they sort list the  Candidates for Interview and Thank GOD I was one of them, then they send us to NOIDA  for  interview. On 22nd march our interview was there . Tgere was 2 interview.

in my technical interview there was 2 persons for taking interview . Firstly they ask me about myself, My strength , My weakness  what i do for remove my weakness  basically they judge that are u serious about ur weaskness or not and how minimum time u take to remove ur weekness .

then they start asking about technical Qs  like
first he ask about DBMS Qs
1. whst is refrential integrity
2. what is cascading
3. how u manage a large data is only a small hard disk is available to u
4. then they want to ask some qs on indexing but i told them “sir this is my weak point in DBMS”.
5. what is view in dbms.
About my project
6. what is ur project
7. what is jdk and jre and what is diff. between them.
8. will ur project run on the system where jdk is not installed.
9. if suppose i want to run a application only run what should i need JVM or JRE.
10 which version u used in ur project
11. which database and data struture u used in ur project
12. what is page size.
13. diff between graph and tree.
14. diff. bet. linked list and stack or queue , how u implement that

then in hr interview
he ask to write a c or cpp program to find a no. is even or odd
then he ask me about my 10th and 12th % but i got low marks in my 10th and 12 th  then he ask me why  my
marks is low then i give them  the approprite reason.

then after 1/2 or 1 hour later they declare the result and thanks to My BHAGWAN and MERI MATA JI
i was one of them . then they give the offer later to all the selected candidates .

so my sugg. to u is that  be specific about whatever u written in ur resume for ur interview and the written is easy     

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