Birlasoft Placement-Paper

Birlasoft visited BVCOE, Delhi campus on 17th Nov 2012 for campus recruitment.

They had the followings rounds for selection:

1. Written test:

It was conducted by merit trac, we had 5 papers each of 10,15,15,20, and 30 minutes respectively. The first was verbal, second was LR, third was quantitative fourth was output based and fifth was based on OS, DBMS, and all software related concepts.

The pattern of the paper was objective and the level of paper was very elementary, you just need to be thorough with fundamentals.

After the written 49 out of 180 were selected for GD.

2. GD:(2 round)

The topics given were: Should internet be banned or not?

Should uniform be banned or not?

Each person was required to speak for about 30 secs to 1min only.

Criteria for shortlisting for GD was whether the candidate is able to communicate in simple english or not.

Only 5 were eliminated in this round.

3. PI(final round):

We were asked to fill a form prior to the interview, which had HR questions like: Describe yourself


* Why would you like to join BirlaSoft?

* Your strengths and weaknesses?
My interview lasted for only about 10 mins they asked me basic HR questions like: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now

*Which domains would you like to work in?

*Would you restrict yourself to these domains only, why or why not.(Please show flexibility while answering these)

Besides these my friends were grilled on DBMS questions like referential integrity, OS, testing.

You should be confident wid your favorite subjects, they are likely to question you only on the subjects you like.

PS: All the girls who had cleared the written were finally selected.

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