Hi Friends,

                This s Kaarthik kumar from Hindusthan College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore. Im a regular visitor of Fresher world site. Every time when a campus is announced my next step would be referring these papers in fresher world. Now I feel extremely glad to share my experience to u all in Fresher world.

                Anna University is doing a great job by conducting this State level placement program. This was my first time entry into anna univ placement and by overall CSC was my 16th strike.  As soon as I got info regarding CSC off campus, I gathered these placement papers in this site.  Freshers world played a Major role in getting thru the campus coz the technical paper was exactly d same as tat of those previous years.

CSC has got 5 rounds to go through

  • Aptitude written
  • Technical Written & Essay
  • GD/JAM
  • Technical HR
  • Personal HR

It was a combined Off campus drive for Coimbatore & Madurai zone. Nearly 129 colleges participated which accounts to 1300 students approximately. This was the first mass recruitment by CSC ever.

DAY: 1

On 10th june , we all assembled in kongu engineering college around 8:00 am. Already registered students were asked to assemble in CT seminar hall for first round n new candidates (like me) were asked to assemble in Maharaja Auditorium for registration. This process went college wise n for all passports were issued. After that we all were seated in corresponding exam halls.

For few batches written was going on. Meantime we all were asked to go for lunch. It was almost 2 to assemble back in halls after lunch. Before the written test started for us, the other batch completed d test n gave feedback tat previous year Qpaper was only asked. I gained confidence as I had already prepared strongly from those papers.  So don’t worry about technical round jus go thru previous patterns.

Aptitude written:

                40 mins were given to complete this test. Aptitude questions were easy except few which consumed more time to solve. I first completed all d quantitative ques n then moved on analytical n reasoning. Had no time to go thru English. So just made a wild guess to all which I didn’t know. Attended almost all questions since no negative marking.

Technical Written & Essay

                Immediately after aptitude, technical questions were given. Totally 50 mins were given for technical n essay together. This was the easiest round as we had d same previous year paper. Though I have gone thru d previous papers I didn’t seriously take it. So I solved many questions on my own n left few questions unanswered.

                I completed technical soon n started writing Essay. Four or five  topics were given n asked to write essay on d topic of our choice. I chose d topic “PARENTS ARE GOOD TEACHERS!” n wrote well with examples like abhimanyu started learing even inside his mothers womb… BLAH… BLAH!

                Meanwhile the invigilator from CSC in our hall was evaluating the aptitude papers. After this round we all were asked to assemble around 4:30pm before Maharaja Hall.

Results Declared

                We were eagerly waiting for the results. Passed our time with friends teasing each other. It was almost half past 6 wen they started announcing results. Out of 1300 totally 240 were shortlisted. The first few names in the list called was all from my college. So was happy tat my friends got selected n also bit nervous for my name. Towards d middle of the list I heard my name n felt happy n walked into the auditorium where all selected students were seated.

                Most of my friends from my coll entered into next round except students from ECE n EEE. Most of the shortlisted students were from CS/IT. The shortlisted students were divided into 2 batches. Batch-2 was asked to stay behind for GD tat night n d Batch-1 was informed to assemble the next day morning for GD. Though the Accommodation was provided in college I came to my home (2 hours from kongu) tat night at 10:30pm. I was asked to assemble the next day sharply at 7:30 in kongu campus.

DAY: 2

            It was 11th june today. A very special day for me as it was my Birthday after all. Started my day with wishes from parents n friends.   GD Selected students from batch-2 & batch-1 students were assembled in a hall for a presentation. Though the presentation was so long all were surprised by the company’s profile, awards, culture n environment. After the presentation selected students in Batch-2 went to attend technical n Personal HR.

                Except few in Batch-1, all were asked to go for breakfast n to return back for GD. The feedback we received made us to shiver in fear. Thought I always feel confident about my English but was afraid of weird topics. It was almost 1:30 pm wen my turn came for GD. 10 students ( 5 boys + 5 girls) entered the hall.


The topic given to us was “MY WORST VACATION”. We were called on a random order to speak individually for 2 mins. My fate, I was the second person to BLAH. I spoke continuously without fear as the moderator didn’t even look at us while speaking. Though I stammered twice I managed it. I was d only person who spoke very short. I had a neutral feeling after my turn. Finally 4 out of 10 were selected in our group including me. Totally 80 were shortlisted from 240.

Technical HR

                Immediately after GD we were taken into a room to fill the application form. After filling it we were taken into hall was HR was going on. As soon as I entered the hall I started shivering not because of fear but due to the freezing temperature inside the room. It was completely air-conditioned to a very low temp.

                We were seated in waiting tables for our turns. There were totally 7 cabins (5 for Technical n 2 for Personal). I was bit nervous to see the other candidates answering to HRs. I was afraid of getting into Panel-1 (as he took more time in interviewing). But I was called into Panel-1 for technical HR.

                The interview was none other than the invigilator of my written test. He looked like my school Teacher. (aged around late 40’s). he started with the Basic usual question.

HR: tell me abt ur self 

ME: did it (Since it was my 16th strike almost answrd like a memorized poem)

HR: tell me abt ur project!

ME: explained A-Z, interrupted with many questions. Answrd all tat. Even asked me to write source codes. Did eveything well. He was happy n satisfied.

HR: asked abt my certifications from my resume

HR: area of interest?


HR: then?

ME: DS (in a slow voice. was not confident in it fully)

HR: and then?

ME: “…….” (kept mum)

HR: Asked few basic questions from DBMS ( wat s DBMS, Diff b/w DBMS n RDBMS, explain RDBMS features n so on)

ME: answrd

HR: gave two tables n asked to write to queries. Was easy but twisted.  (One was complex query n the other using count fn)

ME: wrote one in first attempt. De second took few secs to understand the twist wrote that to correctly

HR: k wat r all languages u r familiar with?

ME: C & .net

HR: how well r u familiar with?

ME: I said 100% with a smile (  though im not)

HR: hw do u say tat?

ME: since I did my project n Microsoft certification in .net am familiar with .net & C studyin right from school till now so C is also more familiar. I said.

HR: k can u write a program?

ME: s sir

HR: write a program to count vowels n no of words in a sentence:

ME: was not completely clear with the question n started to write it in C#. then I striked it off n started to write it in C. he was keenly looking into my paper. I was bit tensed. I struggled in using d data types though I knew how to solve it.

HR: why r u takin so much time for this small simple program?

ME:shocked by this ques n started explaining him orally how to solve it.

HR: he was ok with it. N asked me to wait outside.

ME: thank you sir

Before leaving the room HR said “All the marks have been awarded to u”. I was happy with it n left d room thankin him again. I waited in same waiting table for personal HR.

Personal HR

10 mins later I was called for personal HR.  This round was for name sake.The HR was a cool person wearing black t shirt n jeans. He was around d age of 30 resembling my senior. I was comfortable with him.  He shook hands b4 starting d questions.

HR: tell me about yourself

ME: recited d same poem

HR: why CSC?

ME: blah blah.

HR: r u ready to work in any technology?

ME: yes…. blah blah.

HR: ready to work in shifts?

ME: yes…. blah blah.

HR: do u knw about 2 yrs bond n 1 lakh agreement?

ME:yes… blah blah.

HR: any questions from u?

ME: I asked d question tat was pricking in my heart fr a long time.

“Though it is silly to ask. I just want to know y many here r nt aware abt CSC as they are familiar with CTS,INFY,TCS n so on?”

(coz many came to know tat dere s MNC cald CSC only wen this placement was announced including  me)

He didn’t expect such a question frm me n was bit impressed by this question as he said this question was a matter of real fact frm heart.

HR: explained me tat it is all bcoz of that local computer center in tamilnadu with d same name CSC is the cause for this confusion other than that CSC is famous outside TN.

ME:nodded my head to his reply.

He wished me  n shook hands once again n asked me to wait fr results.

Final Results

 As soon as I came out from the hall to meet my friends, they all asked to assemble in the hall where GD was held for results soon it was around 4:30 now. I was eagerly chating with all around me about the HR questions.

Finally around 5’0 clock final results was declared. The results were in college wise. And not even a single name was called from our college. I was disappointed a bit. But as the list went on my name was also there. Totally 4 from my college were selected. (2 boys frm CSE n 2 girls from IT)

                Out of 80 finaly 66 were selected. All were happy. Saw some girls were emotionally crying in joy. More than me my parents and friends were happy.  They said u h’ve got d best b’day gift ever. By god’s grace I made thru this placement on my b’day.

I hope my experience would help u. See you soon in CSC.

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