CSC communications skills questions

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CSC communications skills questions 

The following type of questions may be asked

1) How can you influence a person of your age to maintain pollution free environment?
Stop using plastic bags encourage using paper bags.
Create awareness among people
Car pooling
Stop using vehicles for short distance
Encourage usage of bicycles.

2) Argue for and against for the following propositions: “Parents are the role models”?
We imitate parents unconsciously – indirect learning
They guide us punish us to give us right direction
We pick up values from them

3) Justify one important change that you propose to improve the living conditions of the people of your city?
I would like to change the typical behavior of people on the roads
— i.e. making them to follow the traffic rules
It saves our time
Can avoid accidents

4) Is it preferable for a child to be brought up in a village atmosphere or with city culture?
Advantages : Pollution free environment
nutritious food
develops close human relationship

Disadvantages: No exposure to latest development
Cannot mingle with heterogeneous groups

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