CSC Placement-Paper

Hi Friends,

     Iam rekha ,recently i have attended for CSC recruitment at avanthi institute of engineering and technology,there were totally 5 rounds in the interview
     first they have given us a technical paper which contains 75 ques we have to complete it in 40min,followed by an essay writing which we have to complete in 10min .after the completion of this round they have anounced the results with in an hour,totally420students attended for this one,115 were shortlisted.then next round aptitude test which contains 40ques which we have to complete in 40 these rounds most of the students were shortlisted.
then the third round is  a JAM session,in this round i was disqualified.
then the further two rounds in the process are technical interview and HR.
here im giving all this discription not  to make u terrific but to intimate you people those who are willing to attend for CSC that ,csc is a good company,those who are attending for that try to do the best,the process was simple upto my knowledge,so do the best of ur ability and u will definitely get it.
the aptitude test was EASY
for technical paper pls refer the prevoius paper which contains 75ques,its more than enough
for JAM get ready with alot of courage ,u will be selected.
then TR and HR are somehat easy.
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