CSC Questions with answers

CSC new and latest placement paper pattern and CSC Questions with answers 
CSC conducts of and on campus recruitment placement drive in Inct Bhopal Jan 10 2014,Here Iam sharing CSC new placement paper pattern, Test pattern, Selection procedure and some memorable questions
CSC Test Pattern
First Section :30 minutes PPT
Second Section :off line aptitude test
Third Section Interview
CSC campus recruitment procedure for 2014-2015 batch described below

CSC campus placement drive @ lnct bhopal 10 jan 2014

Csc brought 6 technical & 2 hr guys.

CSC First Section :30 minutes PPT
The hr guy guided us through an 30 min ppt about the company (listen carefully especially facts and the Figures about the company).

Second Section :off line aptitude test 
Then an offline aptitude test(90q, 100m) began.
It had 3 sections:
Section a: aptitude & reasoning section(60q)
Topics like:
1.ap and gp.
3.sudoku type question(3*3).
6.speed and distance.
7. Syllogisms.
8. Fill in the blanks.
9. Time and work.
R.s aggrawal is enough…

Section b: technical section(30q)

Topics like: basics.
2.output type questions from c, c++ and java .
3.simple dbms questions (theoretical stuff only, no sql queries). circuits (questions from diodes and gates).

Section c: essay writing
Difficulty: very easy

5-6 topics were given out of which you need to write essay on 1 topic @ at least 150 word.

Out of 230 guys who appeared 82 guys were selected for the next round (ie technical interview.)

Most of the questions asked during the Technical Interview round were based out of your resume itself + dbms questions + some Puzzles.

Out of 230 guys who appeared 82 guys were selected for the next round (ie technical interview.)

36 guys cleared ti and finally appeared for hr interview.
In the hr interview basic stuff like tell me about yourself tell me about your family background etc… Only
Basic hr stuff…
Results were announced and finally 16 guys made the cut!!!

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