CSC Technical questions

CSC Technical questions CSC technical written test  model questions for learn and practice. CSC model and sample placcement papers questions with answers
CSC Technical Questions with answers
Operating System

01.Which of the following is a Command interpreter?
A. Shell.
B. Kernel.
C. Compiler.
D. None of these.

02. Which one of these is not a scheduling technique in operation system?
A. Last-Come-First-Serve Scheduling
B. First-Come-First-Serve Scheduling
C. Pre-emptive Scheduling
D. Round-robin Scheduling

03. Fixed partition
A. Is very common in current Operating System
B. Is very efficient in memory utilization
C. Is very inefficient in memory utilization
D. Is most used on large mainframe Operating system

04. If PATH = /bin : /user : /yourhome
The file/bin/calendar has the following line in it
cal 10 1997
The file/yourhome/calendar has the following line in it
cal 5 1997
If the current directory is /yourhome and calendar is executed
A. The calendar for May 1997 will be printed on screen
B. The calendar for Oct 1997 will be printed on screen
C. The calendar for the current month(whatever it is) will be printed
D. Nothing will get printed on screen

05.Which is not a memory management scheme?
A. Buddy system
B. Swapping
C. Monitors
D. Paging

06. In real-time OS, which of the following is most suitable scheduling scheme?
A. Round robin
B. First come first-serve
C. Pre-emptive
D. Random scheduling

07. Banker’s algorithm for resource allocation deals with
A. Deadlock prevention
B. Deadlock avoidance
C. Deadlock recovery
D. None of these

08.In UNIX what does the command “$:wq” do?($ is the prompt)
A. Write edit buffer to file name
B. Write to file and quit
C. Quit without saving changes
D. Execute shell commands

Software Engineering
09. Which among the following is the correct order of a Software Life Cycle(SDLC)?
A. Requiremenmts, Analysis, Design, Testing, Coding, Maintenance.
B. Requiremenmts, Analysis, Design, Maintenance, Coding, Testing.
C. Requiremenmts, Analysis, Design, Maintenance, Testing, Coding.
D. Requiremenmts, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Maintenance.


10. How many times will the program print “IndiaBIX”?
Int main()
Return 0;
A. Infinite times B. 32767 times
C.65535 times D. Till stack doesn’t overflow.

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