Hi friends, I am Amit from ceb(bbsr) havingĀ  mechanical branch.
Cummins generator technology is one of the fortune 500 is also a Tata group of companies. It was an off campus in our college in which around 400-450 students from different college had participated. It was only for the Mechanical and Electrical students. And only 17 students has cleared the written.
OH GOD!LUCKILLY I was among the 17. after that we had faced the GD round in which only 8 students were selected. Our then everybody continues the topic and tries to through it on others because we have nothing to say much on the topic. We were just stressing the topic uselessly which was one of the reason of discipline GD.I was just watching my clock after completing my task i.e. just entering into the GD2-3 times. As the time ends I wake up and tried to give the conclusion but HR stops me and asks other to conclude but at the end I had to conclude. It was just the GD part. After this result was out and only 8 were selected and were told to prepare for interview. That day only 2 students faced the interview.
My turn was on the next day perhaps from this time my luck plays its role bco’s that day really I was notĀ  help them by my experience which also increases my talent and knowledge. He was satisfied with my answer and ask about my favorite subject. I said thermodynamics, then ic engine. And refrigeration.


He said what about manufacturing science. Then he ask some question like
what are the processes of manufacturing science.
What is the difference between welding and brazing.
What is forward stroke cutting.

He also ask about my project and my seminar. Some question on it be thorough about it.
After my interview one lady sitting in front of me took my HR .she ask why you want to join this company and not your father’s business. Where do you want to be located. After that cold rinks were came for them and offered me but initially I refused but after they forced me and convinced me by saying its not the part of your interview you just have it I take it politely. And went away.This was all about my selection procedure. Only 3 were selected finally. I was one of them.


I n writeen 30 question were from aptitude which was all from R s agarwall and time period was 30 min.After this they taken the paper and gives us the technical part which was also having 30 question and of duration 30 was all about manufacturing science,thermo,heat transfer,machine dynamics(pulleys),enough to prepare from RK JAIN OBJECTIVE TYPE book.Friends its a great company to start your carrier so be serious and dont miss the opportunity.

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