Ericsson new latest placement papers

Ericsson new latest placement papers Ericsson placement procedure consists ericsson on line aptitude test, Group discussion, Technical and hr interview Ericsson aptitude test was not so difficult.
Ericsson aptitude test questions consists quantitative, verbal and logical reasoning questions in 45 minutes
Questions were easy except few. Verbal part had some passage related questions which were a lot time consuming and the same section had some synonym and antonym questions as well. In short, verbal section was a bit difficult for me than the other two sections.
Sections covered were: data interpretation, percentage, simplification (tough one) , train, Passages. Etc. And for the rest part I think common sense would work. !

Around 22 students were short listed after the on line tests

Ericsson second round: GD round (around 15 min).

2 batches of 10 students were formed and we were given a topic to discuss.
Our topic was ” should AAP party take part in 2014 lok sabha elections “.

5 people were asked to be in favour of it and I was one among them.

First hr gave everyone chance to present their views and then everyone started putting their points.

Note: try to speak after every 2 min otherwise you will be asked to conclude.

Around 15 were shortlisted in this round. Two concluding people from both the batches were eliminated.

Ericsson third round : Technical Interview.

Because I had given lot of interviews and faced rejection in each one.
How was your day?
Tell me something about urself.
Favourite subject?
What is SQL?
What are the commands?
What is tcp model?
Write one of your favourite program.
Wrote fibonacci series with recursion.
Explain how in this progrm variables will be stored in stack.
Linux commands.
What is executable command.
Packet switching and circuit switching?
Any questions?

After 2 hours they told me to go for hr.

Around 10 people were short listed in this round.

HR interview.
Tell me about your family”.
Relocation problem?
Any other question?
My interview was the last. So after around 10-15 min HR announced the result.
Around 9 students (2 from it, 1 from cse, 6 from ece) were selected and I was one among them. 🙂 :).

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