ERICSSON Placement-Paper

Hi Friends, 

 I got the oppurtunity to appear 4 Ericsson, i got the hall ticket by mail. Once i reached the office.
All i have to do is fill a application form, check your name in list and wait the Ericcson HR team will give you instructions regarding the written test
Written test:
The written test consists of 60 questionw and we got 75 mins 4 completing it. There were no -ve markings the written was an average kind off R.S.Aggrwal will be sufficient and test consists of aptitude and logical resoning no technical or C  was there as we were from ECE branch about 10 question were from D.I. only, sum from profit and loss, series, odd 1 out and soon after 1 hour are so they announced the results about 60 % of those appeared cleared the test including me.
Technical round:
After a long wait, my turn  came for the interview. I got lot of time to prepare as i was from ECE. So interviewer was concerntarting on only computer networks concept and wireless communication and sum basic lectronics like diode, transistor.etc.
When i was called the interviewer asked me to introduce myself  for good 10 mins, i told him about my self, my studies, my family background and all the stuff for 10 mins, then he asked about 2G, broadband and types, relays ISDN, its types all answered. Then he asked whether i have any oder offer letter. I said yes, i had TCS offer letter then he said why here? I explained to him, he was satisfed. Then  he asked sum general HR type questions, i answered them all interview was over. I thanked and left the rum. Results were announced only 40% of us make upto the HR round
HR round:
It was just a formality round. She asked sum simple question like why we should hire you. why Ericsson like that? i answered them all, then she told me i’ll get the appoinment letter by mail. so keep checking mail.
HR interview was over.
Few days later i got mail from Ericsson. i was selected.
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