Grapecity paper on 3rd may at noida

Grapecity paper on 3rd may at noida
I am from Citm, Faridabad . I wanted to share my experience of grapecity with you .
we were called at 10 am . There were 8-10 students.


First we had a written test for 30 min, there were 30 ques. They were easy but speed matters, they were like numerical puzzles in which we have to add 2 words and assign them nos, there were also figure ques ie select the odd one out, it was also easy.
I was able to attempt 15 ques , some had options, some did not.Overall paper was easy.
then we were asked to wait and after 1 hr they called me for the interview, it was hr.
a lady between 23-25 took my interview. It lasted for 25-30 mins
she asked me:
1.tell me about yourself?
2. you are from faridabad , we don’t provide cab . how wil you manage?

3 what is testing?
4. diferrent type of testing?
5. how to test a watch?
6. how to test a elevator?

Then she came to puzzle
1. we have 3 containers of 11lt, 9 lt. 25 lt. u have to measure 16 lt and put it in 25 lt. u an exchange water between 11 nd 9.
2. silk – not =kock assign nos 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,0
3. no number shld be repeated
4. she asked me to design an alarm clock for
a deaf person.
they lady was full of attitude very rude.

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