Hi frindz, I m sathiyaseelan from TPGIT(Thanthai periyar govt. inst. of tech.) vellore. we have off campus on 3rd at VIT, vellore for Huawei one of the giants in telecomm industry.

I would like to share my experience which ll help you to get through Huawei. its my 15 th interview.

700 students have attended written test then 79 has cleared it and 30 have cleared technical n finally 18 have got placement.

I m happy that I m also one among them. its extremely happy to work in a core company like Huawei.

Selection Procedure

3 rounds namely
1.Written ,


3. HR.

WRITTEN TEST- its of 3 sections namely
1.Aptitude(10 ques)
2.Technical(15 ques)
3.English(5 ques)

Its difficult than other 2 sections. ther r no objective type Q’s. we should calculate and write answers.

1.. Some consecutive pages are missed in a book whose sum is 9808. find those pages.

2. Water melon of 200 kg is kept for selling by a merchant. at morning he find tat 99% of that fruits has water and he found due to hot summer only 98% of water is present in evening.find weight of water melon. ans 198.

3.If the order of vowels r arranged in reverse order wat ll b in middle.

4.There are two dads named john, vikram. ther r two sons micky, vicky. 4 went to shop and spent some amount. find who is father of vicky.(sorry i dont no it fully) escalator related problem.

6.123456789=100. using +,-,* signs in between the digits how many no. of ways its possible if in its same order.

sorry I cant remember others.

it has 15 questions. Q’s related to signals&systems, Fourier transform, networks, basic comm., mobile comm, wireless comm. optical ll b asked. its ec if your basics are good.

it has 5 q’s. tis s easiest section for you if you we basic grammer skills.

After clearing written i entered into tech hr room with a smile. he asked me to sit n i thanked him. he asked my resume n then asked Q’s based my resume.
int: introduce yourself.
me: answerd wit my achivements, xtra curricular activities etc. say u ll b proud of ur parents. he impressed.

int:wat is modulation? types of modulation?.
me: process of changing t characteristics of carrier wave according to (frequency, amplitude of) message signal. so type AM,FM explained wit diagrams
int: wats PCM?
me:pulse code modulation is one of digital motion schemes.

int: how many pins in 8085 mp?
me: 40 pins

int:describe gsm, cdma with one of advantage?
me: gsm has less coverag area, addition of new users (ie t capacity of channel cant b increased). in cdma addition of new users possibly can have comm. link. its coverag earea is high. n explained more.

int: about your project? software used for project.
me: explained well.

int: r u mobile? ll home sick, food affect u?
me: s sir. sinc i m a global professional, i can go anywhere if it gives opportunities for growth, learning

int: mmm. xcellent. than k you. do you any Q’s
me: s sir. what kind of training & learning i can expect in tis company?

int: ll tell u after givin job offer.
I thought tat I ll clear tech. be confident and answer boldly wit face to face. they ll check ur tech skills in optical comm., networks, Mobil&wireless comm, basics of comm. u can clera it very easily.

Every hr panel has 1 chinese hr& 1 indian hr. for most of my friends Chinese hr asked lot of Q’s. v cant listen what he tel even 2 times. so I get bit nervous. but thank god chines hr didnt ask even my name n only indian hr askd only few Q’s
int: tell me bout urself.
me:told again n impressd.

int: you may work in at 10 pm or at nigh, R u ready
me: with a smile. sir , I ll suerl go for work if u wake up me even at midnight, as im a fresher i would lik to get a solid experience independent of time.

int; he laughed really impressed n said very good. pronounce your name?
int:r you mobile? again I answered n impressed hr. i was asked for only 5 minutes. thank u n wish u all to get thru huawei.

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