Poornam Info Vision General Technical Questions and answers

Poornam Info Vision General Technical Questions and answers

My Technical and Hr Interview in Poornam Info Vision  on February 2012 took a day

Share my Experience and some General Information 

Tough1st….It was an aptitude paper consisting of around 45 question. First ten were general apti questions.they were pretty easy if understood well else they maybe confusing.then there were three other sections of question thus completing the total set of 45 questions.
They were:-unix/linux,some sql/microprocessor(simple questions like priority of trap interrupts)and another set ws of C questions(simple again).then there was a short essay to be written.about 300 words.

My topic was-“would you want to work in a small company or big company?”..
another sample topic was…”are education and success related?”..all pretty much of that sort.
The whole paper was for 1 hour.958 students appeared for the apti.121 got selected for the next round (technical) and then 40-45 from there got selected into 3rd

Poornam Info Vision -Interview Tech and HR Round Round(HR) which was the final round.
Poornam Info Vision Technical 
Technical interview:

sir: please come in
me: good afternoon sir!
sir: good afternoon’s 

Tel me about your self.
me:gave a brief intro as this was only the technical interview.

s: so u did a proj in j2ee technologies. can u explain me what was it that you did?
m:I had created a job site portal. explained it to him.
s:y did u use ms access and not my sql?? and what is d diff between them.
m:i told him the differences (that ms access security issues and all) and said I used it because
my aim was to learn about JDBC and database connections and not really trying to build a
commercial website so such issues dint both are our project.

sir:ok,explain about jdbc.
me.i did so.
s:can u write down the code u used to connect to database.
m:i wrote
s expalin it
m: explained
s: can u write the code to make queries and retrieve data?
m: did so.
s: can you explain it?
m: explained

s: can u write the code to determine between a simple linked list and a circular linked list?
m: wrote and explained it
s: what is thrashing?
m :answered properly.
s: what is paging?
m: answered properly.
s: about your project. how did you purchase an IFS?
m:i dint purchase it.
s: do you know what an IFS is?
m: no I don’t. Only got to vague idea about it. but I dint have to purchase it because my site was
not a commercial one and it only ran on the local host.
s: ok, so what was the web server?
m: apache tomcat 6.5
s: how did you configure the virtual host?
m: this is the latest version of tomcat. you don’t need to manually configure the virtual host. it
automatically is installed once u click the right buttons that it prompts you with while
s :ok, you can wait outside we’ll let you know.

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