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Here Im sharing my palcement experince in Poornam Info visions some questions based on my memory.It was nice experince to me I hope this will help you in your placement

In written Test 5 sections



Section 1: Aptitude — 10 questions. Select the best option provided in the list.

Section II : C – 10 questions

Section III : Windows/Linux questions — 10 questions each.Answer either Windows or Linux questions

Section V : General technical awareness — 15 questions.

Essay   : Writing skill assessment

Use your answer sheet for rough works and calculation. Do not write anything on the question paper.


SECTION 1 — Aptitude questions

1.         Which of the following replaces the question mark?


a) HCWI           b) HDVQ           c) IBUPOO       d) HDUR          e) None of these


2.         In a certain code, MONKEY is written as XDJMNL. How is TIGER written in taking that code ?

a) QDFHS         b) SDFHS         c) SHFDQ         d) UJIIFS          e) None of these


Directions for questions 3 to 6. Read the below passage carefully and answer the questions:

Five roommates Randy, Sally, Terry, Uma, and Vernon each do one housekeeping task mopping, sweeping, laundry, vacuuming, or dusting one day a week. Monday through Friday.

* Vernon does not vacuum and does not do his task on Tuesday.

* Sally does the dusting, and does not do it on Monday or Friday. The mopping is done on Thursday.

* Terry does his task, which is not vacuuming, on Wednesday. * The laundry is done on Friday, and not by Utna.

* Randy does his task on Monday

3.         When does Sally do the dusting?

a) Monday        b) Tuesday        c) Wednesday   d) Thursday


4.         What task does Terry do on Wednesday?

a) vacuuming     b) dusting c) mopping     d) vacuuming


5.         What day is the vacuuming done?

a) Monday         b) Tuesday) Wednesday d) Thursday


6.         What task does Vernon do?

a) laundry          b) sweeping c) sweeping            d) laundry

Directions for questions 7 — 10: Study the table below to answer these questions.


7          Which company’s TVs are sold the most?

a) LG    b) Onida            c) Sony d) Videocon


8.         What percentage of black & white TVs sold are from Videocon?

a) 24%  b) 29%  c) 14%  d) 19%


9.         What percentage of 21″ TV sets sold is of ILG?

a) 26%  b) 23%  c) 30%  d) 20%


10.        What is the sale price of a 21″ colour TV set from Sony Company if each colourTV set is Rs. 2,000 cheaper than the next higher size and the total earning from the sale of Sony colour TV sets is Rs. 7.5 lakh?

a) Rs. 10,000    b) Rs. 12,000    c) Rs. 14,000    d) Rs. F6;000

Section II : C – 10 questions

1. What is the output of the program? #include<stdio.h>


int sum; clrscr(); surri=49000*10-49000*10;



a) 0.000000       b) 0


2. What is the output of the program? jut main()

char *s—“baby’s day out”; s[0]=”h”;


a). baby’s day out


b). baby’s day out          c). error d). garbage value


3.         What is the output of the program? #include <stdio.h>

#define abi dass

#delme dass “abi”



printrabi+dass”); printf(“%s”,dass); getch();

a) abi+dassabi   b) abi+dass

c) error in linel    d) error in line2


4.         What will be the output of the following program?

#include <stdio.h> void main()

int i,x,y,z;




printf(“Tech Guys”);


a) Tech Guys

c) Tech GuysTech GuysTech GuysTech GuysTech Guys…         d) error


5.• What is the output of the program? #include <stdio.h>

void main()

clrscr(); nrintf(“Good\nWo\rrk”);

printrGood %c work’ ,90);


a)         Good WorkGood z work

b)         Good rkGood z work

c)         Good rkGood 90 work

d)         rkGood z work


6. What is the output of the program? #include <stdio.h>



printrhai”); (*main)();


a) error in line 3 &line 4   b) error in line 3

c) haihaihaihaihai…        d) unreachable code in line 4 &r/


7.         What is the output of the program? #include <stdio.h>


struct handler stmct handler

jut handler;



struct handler handle;


handle.handler->handler=999; printf(“%d”,handle.handler->handler); getch();

a). error b). 999


8.         What is the output of the program? include <stdio.h>

char *x —”commando”;

void main()

char *s=”arm”;


printf(“%c,”,*++x); printf(“%c,”,++*(++s)); printf(“%c,”,-,+*(s±÷)); printf(“%c,”,(++x)); printf(“%c”,(x++));


a). o,m,junk,junk,junk c). o,s,tjunk,junk


9. Cheek the program below and find the output

#include <stdio.h> main()

struct struct

int i;

char j; }st;


jut i;

char j; I un;

long x;




strun.j=’a`; str.x—-876.98; printf(“%d,%c,%Id”,str.un.i,str.un.j,str.x);


Section — III (a) Windows questions

(Please attempt either Windows or Linux questions)


I. / ant moving the Test.txt file from the D:\Data folder to the D:\Test folder. The D: drive is NTFS.

The TestAxt file currently has Modify permission applied for the User group. The D:Test folder has the Write permission applied for Users. What permission will the Test.txt file have after it has been moved?

3. Which of the following is a way to identify which Windows operating system is currently installed ?


5. A user is reporting that their Window’s XP computer is slow. When a technician arrives, they find many nwanted programs running at startup. Which application will allow the technician to keep the unwanted programs from running at startup ?


_•-        • •         •           –           •-•-••     •- -•       j


6.         You wish to keep your DNS server up-to-date and free of unnecessary records. Which of the following options will help you to maintain the DNS database as desired?

a) Tombstone    b) Aging and scavenging c) DDNS          d) Secure updates


7.         Which of the following does not relate to security Windows?

a) Windows Firewall       b) IPSec           c) WINS            d) GPO


8.         How do you open Windows Firewall via Run dialogue box?

a) winfirewall     b) firewall.cp1    c) firewall.rnsc   d) firewall.exe


9.         How to add a user via Command Prompt?

a) USRADD      b) USERADD    c) NET USER /ADD      c) NEWUSR


10.        During startup, a Windows XP Professional computer in your office proceeds directly to the desktop without first prompting for a user name and password first. You need to enforce log on requirements. What should you (1o?

a)         Change the Netloaon service startup setting to manual.

b)         Disable the disable GTRL+ALT-Da. requirement for logon option in the local group policy.

c)         In control panel, modify the startup and recovery settings in the system option.

d)         In control panel, add the appropriate user accounts to the users and passwords setting.


(b) Linux questions

1)         How can / find the version of the kernel 1 am currently using on my Linux PC?

a) uname -r        b) cat /prociversion c) all of the mentioned options            d) uname –a


2)         Which of the following is not a Linux distribution?

a) FreeBSD       b) openSUSE    c) Ubuntu          d) Fedora


3)         What command would 1 use to rename a file?

a) cp     b) my    c) rm     d) rn


4)         ‘Which command %Nil I return the following output:

a) dig localdomain.com   b) dig localdomain.com +short c) nslookup localdomain.comd) host localdomain.com


5)         The permissions of a file are as shown below: froot(&server —I# Is -1 test.file

-r–rw-r– 1 root gopher 0 Jan 1 01:10 test.fil

r•-•        •-•


Which user will be able to edit the file:

a) root   b) gopher           e)root & gopher  d)None of the above


6)         What will be the output of the following command? Is       *

a)Will list the contents in the current directory

b)Will list every file/folder in the current directory and below.

c)Will list the contents in the current directory, and the contents of the directories inside the current directory

dr one of the above


7)         Which of the following will tell me if the immutable bit is set for a file or not:

a) Is -Ii  b) Is -al c) None of the above d) lsattr


8)What will be the result of the following command? cat file I >111e2

a)         The contents of fuel will be appended to,file2

b)         None of the mentioned options

c)file2 will contain the last line of filel

d)The contents of file2 will be the same as tile I


9) What will be the value of pwd after the follow ing commands: CO /etc

Is *


cd –

cd ./

a) /       b)         c) /etc   d) –

10)What is the default package manager on RHEL5

a)yum   b) up2date         c) aptget           d) ports


Section — IV General technical awareness

1. A sinusoidal signal is passed through an amplifier and results in the following waveform. What form of distortion is predominant?

a) Crossover distortion   b) CEppiogc) Barrel distortion     di Harmonic distortion


2. In the Karnaugh map shown below, which of the hoops shown represents a legal grouping?

00 01 11            „— A

3.         In 8086 microprocessor the following has the highest priority among all type interrupts.

a) NMI  b) DIV 0            c) TYPE 255     d) OVER FLOW


4.         Which of the following allows devices on one network to communicate with devices on another network ?

a)         Zero flag and Auxiliary Carry flag

b)         Zero flag and Carry flag

c)         Carry flag and Auxiliary Carry flatt

d)         none of the above


7.         What is the default network protocol on a UNIX server?

a) IPX/SPX       b) l’X     c) TCP/IP         d) NetBIOS


8.         The result of mov al, 65 is to store

a) store 0100 0010 in at  b) store 42H in al c) store 40H in al         d) store 0100 0001 in al


9.         What is the function of the following circuit?

a) A four bit shift register            b) A lbw- bit memory register c) A four bit ripple counter

10.        What items are required for a UNIX client to connect to an entirely UNIX-based network environment’s network share using the host name?

a) IP. Subnet Mask, WINS         b) IP, Subnet Mask, LMHOSTS

c) IP, Subnet Mask, HOSTS      d) IP, DNS, WINS

11.        What class is the following IP address


a) Class C


1)) Class B


c) Class D        d) Class A


12. A router

a)         forwards a packet to all outgoing links.

b)         for ,vards a packet to the next free outgoing link.

c)         forwards a packet to all outgoing links, except the link upon which the packet originated.

d)         determines on which outgoing link a packet is to be forwarded.

13. When a process incurs a                    , a local page replacement algorithm selects for replacement some page that belongs to that same process.

a)page redirection          b)cleadlock

c)page fault .     d)segmentation fault

14. In interactive environments such as time-sharing systems, the primary reqoirement is to provide reasonably good response time and in general, to share system resources equitably. In such situations, the scheduling algorithm that is most popularly applied is

a) Shortest Remaining Time Next (SRTN) Scheduling

b) Priority Based Preemptive Scheduling

c) Round Robin Scheduling


15. What is the primary function of a DNS server?

a)         Resolve 32-bit addresses in IPv4

b)         Find other DNS servers

c)         Resolve Fully Qualified Domain Names to IP addresses

d)         Find MAC, 48-bit hardware addresses

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