Poornam Info Visions Latest Placement paper Questions

Poornam Info Visions Latest Placement paper Questions-Aptitude and Technical


Hi guys how r u? Hope u r all very well.. Below r the Apti & Interview questions:

Poornam Info Vision Witten Test conisists 5 sections

Written:-(Time:50 min)
There are  five sections in written sec.(Each section 10 question except essay)
Sec A. Questions on general study & case study.
B. On C language.
D. General technial.
E. One essay writing.

Sec A->: General

1.There were two puzzles.I can remember one as p,q,r,s clockwise numbering of a square. They are connected to each other.t is junction point of pr & qs. How many path you can make to cover  all the pts but not repeated pt twice or more?
2.A,B,C,D ,E are five frnds.Among them its was there someone is  richest,someone weightest ,someone heighter.Some clue was given.So u will able to findoutralation among asc/desc order .There were four questions as who is richest..?
3. More questios, I cant remember..

Sec B->:C
1.It was very very simple question on c language. U can follow Yashavant Kanetkar’s Test your c skill & pointer in c.
2. sample question as a)-1<<4 ans. four options were there.
3.i=-1,j=-1,k=0,m=2  value of i&&j&&k||m and each of variables
4. There were more questions.I cant remember remaining.

Sec C->:Unix
1.Rename command i)rm (ii)mv (iii)cp
2.System showing that 4th partition is impossible?
ans:(i)is it no space (ii)You can it by swap space (iii)Always impossible
3.In chmod cmd what stands for 645.ans. a)rw_r__r_x b)rwxrwxrwx c)___rwx___
4. Follow the commands of unix system, u can follow sumitav das.

Sec D->:General Techinal
1.from networking as data,network,transport layer.
2.Some questions on OS.
3.Some questions of data structure.

Sec E->:Essay
Name: Television leads violence in society.Ok guys these r the samples of written test held on 1st oct ,2008 at 10:20AM

Poornam Info Visons Interview Questions

Interview Questions :-
They called me 2nd oct at 10AM ,But my intvw started at 3:15 PM

Ok it does not matter…  They asked me huge questions,taken 50 mins.

me: Good Afternoon sir,
int: Very good afternoon (called my name).then called pls shut the door.
int: Is there warm outside?
me: sorry sir,sory sir…oh no sir.
int: Introduce yourself?
me: (given)
int: your mom,dad ?
me: yea i have mom dam, told their profession.
int: What was ur contribution in clg life?
me: i was a member of our clg football team & played forward side.
int:  Maximum plays at forward side ,why with laughing?
me: Sir basically i prefer to tackle the player using technique.
int: who is ur favourite player?
me: Ronaldo?
int: Which ronaldo?
me: I cant remember full name of both player,i replied both ronaldo.
int: ok.
int: How many members in ur family?
me: ans
int: wht r thir profession?
me: ans
int: You know data structure, DBMS,OS ?
me: yea sir.
int: wht is data structure?
me: ans
int: wht r the data structure?
me: answered all as array, stack,q,linklist,tree,graph,etc.
int: wht is doubly linklist?
me: answered with defined 1st wht is linklist then doubly then explained graphically.
int: ok(i think he was not fully satisfied)
int: wht is OS?
me: given definition.
int: wht r the functions of OS?
me: I replied quickly as resource allocation ,memory management ,security check etc
int: wht is symaphore?
me: given a sweet definition.
int: wht is critical sec?
me: Sorry sir,(I hve not replied,it was known to me but not proper definition was in my head.)
int: How will u solve critical sec prob using symaphore ? explain?
me: given clear idea using wiat() & signal() functions.Sir became very impressed.
int: wht is deadlock? & preemtive scheduling?
me: answered.
int: how do prevent deadlock?
me: here i given wrong ans, and i knew tht i was given wrong(as progress,bound waiting..) actually it will be hold & wait etc..sir was not satisfied.
int: wht is process? wht r scheduling technique in OS?
me: quick ansd.
int: wht is DBMS?
me: given good definition.
int: wht is normalization? why u do it?
me: given def with .explained.
int: wht r normal form in DBMS explain with example?
me: given each’s def & explained each example. sir became very impressed.
int: wht is transitive relation?
me: given ans with example.
int: wht is orphane?
me: sorry sir.
int: whtt is RPC? draw its picture?
me :(it was know to me but not clear, thats why i replied i cant remember sir.)
int: which layer does fragmentation?
me: datalink layer
int: wht r the functions of network & datalink layer?
me: quickly replied.
int: wht is kernel?
me: (at the time of ppt sir asked us wht is kernel? it was knokn to me once again i prepared abt it. ) i replied it with graphically.
int: how kernel works at booting time?
me: me replied as i prepared myself for this ques.
int: write some cmd in unix?
me: written more than 15 cmds & sir was impressed.
int: asked questions frm clg life project:- as
int: U have done project ,wht is it? which language u used?
me: email server using php,html,css
int: No of members taken major role at ur project?
me: two
int: why & wht have they done?
me: me & my frnd….
int: U have done it in UNIX system ? why?
me :yea..as more secure.multitasking,multiuser suported…
int: wht is port?full form of pop3,smtp & their port no?
me: Only i dont know pop3 port no ,remain answered.
int: ok (my name) we have some terms & condn as 6th mnths training.we will take ur all original docs.
me: ok ok…(hand sake two times)
me: Sir i have i question to u.
int: with concetration.yea tell..
me: wht is long term vision of ur company?
int: collecting requests frm all over the world & solve them.
int: ok thank u (my name) ,again hand sake. then i leave d room.

Ok guys be prepared. Hope u will crack it & i will see u at Poornam  at kochin.Byeeeeee….God bless u.

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