Rounds in the Interview

There were 3 rounds:

1. Online Test (Aptitude Technical)

2. Technical Round.

3. HR Round.

Robert Bosch Online Test

• Involves 60 questions, time limit is 60 minutes.
• Negative marking of -0.25 for each wrong answer.
• 25 aptitude questions involving Aptitude + Reasoning (Usual topics covered under PALR)

Verbal (Antonyms, Synonyms, Passage, Fill in the blanks)
•  35 Technical questions involving concepts from Analog Electronics (Diodes , BJTs , MOSFETs ,Q-point , Op-amps)

Digital Electronics (Flip Flops, 555 timers , etc.)


C/C++/Embedded C( 3 to 5 questions)

Control Systems(1 or 2 questions)

Semiconductor Memories (questions on RAM,ROM )

 Robert Bosch Technical Round

• Duration – 30 minutes.

• How zener diode works and its characteristics?

• Working of BJTs and MOSFETs, difference between them, areas of their applications in real life?

• Projects Carried out in 5th and 6th semesters

Ø Start with definition. Ø Motivation’s Block Description/Flow Chart/Algorithm

Ø Try to cover all major sections in 6-8 minutes.

• Explanation regarding papers presented

• You are given a fan and a laptop, a simple means of turning on the fan? (Probable answer connect an USB cable provided by fan to laptop, and cut off USB data lines on fan side as they are of no use).

• Questions on USB working, protocol

.• What is a Structure in C?

• Declare Structure and Union, difference between them, where we use them in real life applications?

• What is microcontroller and microprocessor, differences between them?

Robert Bosch HR Round(30 min)

• I was given 15 minutes and was told to speak whatever I wish (include introduction , abilities, interests ,relate why u want to be in Bosch )

• Questions on higher studies ( whether you say yes or no you will be queried further)

• Appearing for GATE, GRE, and CAT?

• HR spoke of his experience with Bosch, etc.

Be cool & confident on what you answer.·
Communication plays key role.·
Concentrate on Basic concepts and their real life applications.

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