Robert Bosch new placement papers

Robert Bosch new placement papers, selection procedure interview questions. Robert Bosch there is two different question papers. One for electronic circuit branches and another one is for computer science. I am from ECE.Robert Bosch first section of selection procedure is on line aptitude test here is a short description of Robert Bosch placement drive recruitment procedure

Robert Bosch Round 1 :

30 question about Logical and verbal.
30 question about basics of electronics (analog, digital, control systems, Mp, Mc, LIC).

There is negative marking for wrong answers.

Robert Bosch Round 2:

Tech HR.

It was going nearly one HR for me.

Me: Good afternoon sir.

Hr: Very good afternoon
Then he introduced himself to me and ask about myself.

Me: Told.

Hr: Ask about my hobbies.
Me: Told.

Hr: Tell me about your project.
Me: Explained each and every bit of my project.

My project is in DIP so he can’t understand so he gave paper and pen to explain briefly with sketch (flow).

I explained and he ask some qns about it. Now he satisfied.

Hr: About my paper presentation.
Me: Told.

Hr: Ask about my in plant training.
Me: Told.

Hr: Diff bw Mp and Mc.
Me: Told.

Me: Just I am a member of that sir. There they conducted workshops but I didn’t attend that. Because I never miss my classes :P.

He smiled.

Hr: Ok, draw pic micro controller arch (I attended embedded on pic microcontroller workshop so only he asked).
Me: Sir, actually its a two day program. We do it in a practical manner. Just as using code and connect via rs 232 and to do glowing of bulb and blah blah.

Hr: But first day of the program, shouldn’t they show you the arch?
Me: Yeah sir, but I don’t remember and we are not drawing it in our notebook.

Hr: Then draw arch of 8085 microprocessor.
Me: Draw and explained.

He satisfied.

Hr: What is the range of freq in fm.
Me: Told.

Hr: Rate you in c out of 10.
Me: I said 8/10.

Hr: Oh Ok. Then do you all about structure union etc. Is it?
Me: Yeah sir.

Hr: Sure.
Me: Yes sir.

Hr: Ok then what is structure, union then differences and ask to write prog in c.
Me: Explained and wrote ir.

Hr: Well . Then you stated that you know c++ too in your resume.
Me: Yes sir.

Hr: Do you know very well.
Me: Not well sir. Just know the concepts and basics.

Hr: Then can you write simple prog in c++?
Me: Yes sir (he ask add two numbers and print it 🙂 ).

Done it.

Hr: What is sequential and combinational ckts and give the differences.
Me : Told.

Hr: Good c. (give application form) just fill it and wait for hr interview outside.
Me: Thank you very much sir.

Then Hr round. It’s merely checking your communication skill and confidence.

Just about robert bosch.

Why we are hiring you?

Tell me about your favourite film?

And hobbies.

Don’t lose hope. Just have a faith on God.

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