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Tata Technologies Limited job interview Tips for new campus recruitment Drive for freshers,Latest HR interview Tips with detailed Explanation

Campus Interview Aspects
The ultimate goal of any job interview, from the perspective of an employer, is to determine whether the candidate is qualified for the position or not. However, one thing that companies must bear in mind is that the interview process is not one sided aspect, as applicants will often interview the companies as well.

Campus Interview Preparation Tips
Your level of preparation for your campus interview will be the deciding factor in your success or failure. Remember that it is better to be over prepared for campus interview in contrast to being under prepared. Because of the importance of interviews in this selection process, it would be a good idea to have “mock interviews” which will help you to deal with tough or unexpected questions.

Ø  Conversations should be a balanced two-way flow of dialogue.

Ø  It’s good to initiate the introduction and introduce yourself with a handshake and smile. If shaking hands is difficult, a quick head nod is a good substitute. Initiating the introduction with a smile and handshake (or head nod) helps build rapport.
Smiling when greeting people and at appropriate times greatly helps build rapport

Ø  Visualize Your Best Self Introduction
“Your imagination is the preview to life’s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein.

Ø  Regular use of courtesy words-like “Sir, Please, Thank you, I’m sorry,” and phrases is important to show politeness and build rapport.

Ø  Making eye contact is important for building rapport. It gives the impression you’re interested and engaged in the conversation, and you have good self-confidence.

  What are the right skill required to get a job?
-Spirit of innovation
-Excellent communication skill
– ability to work in a team
– Sense of responsibility

Identify skills that you are strong in and using well
Identify skills required to enhance a current position or prepare for a future position
Identify your focus or priorities in your current position

Prepare a professional development plan for skills enhancement.

1. Career Potential and Individual Interests
2. Development Goals
3.Future Development Goals
• What are your goals for five or more years into the future?
4.Organizational Knowledge, Culture and Politics
understanding, insight and involvement in the organization’s vision for the future and how success will be measured

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