TCS Campus Recruitment Selection Process

TCS Campus Recruitment Selection Process

Firstly I would like thanks, teachers and whole ELTP Group. Which helped me a lot during my preparation…….

I am ashu jain of 8th sem with IT branch .we had TCS campus drive .There were 4 rounds.

TCS Selection Procedures
2.Technical Interview
3.Managerial Round
4.HR round

Since the top 5 students of each branch were eligible for direct interview. So I don’t have to give the written exam

TCS Technical Round Interview Questions

So in Technical Round the questions were…….
• Describe yourself

• What is DBMS

• What is RDBMS

• Primary key,foreign key

• Tables in my minor project and asked me to draw it

• Overview of major project

• Normalization definition

• And what is BCNF

• Indexing and its types types

• How to determine the no of connections aborted in sql

• Program to print prime nos between 1 to 50

• What is operating system

• What is scheduling

• What is virtual memory

• Where virtual memory is defined

• Then he asked if I had any query

TCS Managerial Round Questions 

• Describe yourself

• Configuration of your PC

• Services of TCS
• What is IT services
• How does win xp works
• In TCS application in one place its written both what does both means….????

TCS HR Round Questions
• Describe yourself
• Are you nervous
• If you are an HR what all questions you will ask
• Recent news
• Why TCS
• Why only TCS
• Then about bond and location and finally got selected in TCS……….yipee I got selected in my dream company TCS………….

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