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The test will contain 35 aptitude questions with 60 min duration. The problems are simple but they fill up the problem with unwanted data. Care should be taken to maintain timing. you have to answer  at least 22 to crack the exam. Negative marking of 1/3 is there.  Some problems are repeating in all papers. Here I am giving some problems that will help you to crack the exam.

1.  By which number should we divide the number 2880 to make it perfect square?

Ans: 5
2.    There is a problem to find out the color of beer. It is full of unwanted data in problem. for that the
Ans: white
3.   1/3 of some number is 5 more than 1/6 th of that number. Find the number.
Ans: 30
4.    Difference of two numbers is 4 and their product is 13. Find the sum of squares of that numbers.
Ans: Note: this problem starts with the story of aryabhatta , ignore all and read the problem from last line.
5.   How many of 14 digit numbers we can make with 1,2,3,4,5 that are divisible by 4. Repetitions allowed.

Ans: we have calculate the value (5power12)*4    (like 5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*5*4= value will be given in answers  check it out)

6.    There is a lengthy problem with details of Chennai city. At last they ask how many 6’s came when we give numbering to 100 buildings from 1 to 100.
Ans: 20
7.    Rearrange the alphabets REGHFTYD(SOMETHING LIKE THAT) . find the type of rearranged word belongs to:
a.     Animal b.      Tree c.       Bird d.      Thing
Ans: c (bird)
8.       There is a factory which is producing the bicycles and four wheelers. One day the total production of wheels is 158. Find out the possible no. of bicycles produced
  1. 6  b.      7 c.       8 d.      9

Ans: 7 (note: there is a probability of the answer of 19 also for this question . take care of it. )Also they change the total number of wheels to 198.
9.  Four years hence the average of 6 members is 45. Now a person is added and the avg becomes 48. What is the age of added person?
Ans: 42

There is another question with  diff. details. For that ans is :69 (problem is not remembered but ans is 69 only)

10.   A dog two hours early before the horse started. The horse reached the dog after 6 hours with the speed of 16kmph . find the speed of dog. I cant remember the exact figures.
Ans may be 16.5kmph
11.   There is a problem with blood relations. A man is saying while pointing to a person who is painting like this:” I am the only son to my father. His father is the son my father”. Find the relation to him with the painting person.
Ans: his son
12.  There is problem on probabilities. There are gloves and hats with three different colors with some totals are given for each type. Then asked to find out the probability of taking the pair of glove and hat of same color in dark.
13.  There is a bacteria which has the probability of die 1/3 of its total number or it may tripled. Find out the probability
  1. P=1/3+(2/3*p^3)  B.      P=2/3+(2/3*p^3) C.      P=2/3+(1/3*p^3) D.      P=2/3+(2/3*p^3)

I marked it as A. check it out

14.   There are two tanks A,B. A will be fill up 1ltr in one hour. B tank will fill up double in every hour (like 10, 20, 40, 80, 160…..). if the tank B is filled 1/16 in 13 hours how much time it will take to fill up totally.
Ans: 17 hours   (note:  here no need with A tank details. but they gave to confuse, all problems are like this ,avoid unnecessary data)
15.   In a hotel we can order two types of varieties, but we can make 6 more varieties in home. One can want the four varieties with two from hotel must. Find how many ways one can order.
Ans: 12 ways
16.   There is a series 13,14,27,30,55,62,?, 126. Find the missing.
This is combination of two series; 13,27 55, ? and 14, 30, 62, 126  (14, 14*2+2(30),30*2+2(62),….)
13, 13*2+1 (27), 27*2+1(55), ?=55*2+1=111 .For this numbers may be changed but the logic is same.

This problem will give with a story of a classroom. In middle the values will be given. Don’t waste time to read all the data

17.   There are three frnds x, y , z  gone to excursion with their girl frnds. there they wanted to find their weights but their GF’s are not accept to check their weight( all unnecessary data) . Then they check weights as x, y, z individually and then x and y, y and z, x and z ,then all(x,y,z). the last measure is 171. Then find the avg of all these seven measures.

 Prepare for this well with answers also since these are repeated in most of papers which will save u time that can be used for another problems. There is a timer with countdown on top right and the total attempted problems.

 prepare of all fundamentals of aptitude and time  management  will easily rack the exam.

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