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            Below are some questions of TCS campus held in ITER, Bhubaneswar in 14th August 2010. I have cleard it and got job in TCS. So i think that this will help you very much.

There are 2 stage for it.

1st is written test which consist of 35 aptitude questions which are very very easy. Because most of the questions are calculation type and formula based and also calculator is allowed during test. I have answered 27 questions out of 35.

My suggestion is please ateend minimum 25 questions. Remember there is negative mark for wrong answer. So answer very carefully. After this there is Tecnical Interview it is also some what easy. They ask you questions from each subject. So be prepare for it. So please answer carefully.

Some of my interview question is:

HR:  Tell me about yourself.

ME: Answered it.

HR: Are you Oracle Certified( I am Oracle certified. I have mentioned it in my CV).

ME: Yes sir(after this he ask me to show my certificate. I have showed it)

HR: What is normalization.

ME: I have answered it.

HR: Do you know C and C++?

ME: Yes sir.

HR: Write a C program for fibonacci series.

ME: I wrote it.

HR: What is DDL and DML LAnguage?

ME: Answerd it with example.

HR: OK you can go now.

ME: Thank you sir.

After this on 15th August result is decalerd. I’m one of them Ok. Best of luck for your campus. Below is the some of the written question that i have remebered
Aptitude questions(35)
1. 6 persons standing in queue with different age group, after two years their average age will be 43 and seventh person joined with them. Hence the current average age has become 45. Find the age of seventh person?
Solution:  It is given as after 2 year average age wiil be 43 so now the average is 2 year.

After addition of 7th person average is 45 so 7th person wiil be 45+(6*(45-4))

Ans: 69

2. Horse started to chase dog as it relieved stable two hrs ago. And horse started to ran with average speed 22km/hour, Horse crossed 10 mts road and two small pounds with depth 3m, and it crossed two small street with 200 mts length. After traveling 6 hours, 2hours after sunset it got dog. Compute the speed of dog?

Ans: As we have speed and travel time of horse, we can get distance travelled by it.
Hence d = 22*6 = 132km,
Exactly this 132km was travelled by dog in 8 hours (as it started two hours earlier).
Hence speed of dog = 132/8 = 16.5km/hr

3. 3, 22 , 7, 45, 15, ? , 31
Solution: Here it appear simple, because it arranged in arranged in sequence manner, but the actual question was some what twist mentioning fibonacci series and more over question was in statements (no numbers). Hence first try to understand the question well.
Here let group alternate terms 3,7,15,31 (3+4 =7, 7+8 =15, 15+16=31)
Similarly for second group (22,45,? (22+23 = 45, 45+46 = 91) hence ans is 91.

4. In Tnagar many buildings were under residential category.for buildings they number as 1 to 100. For shops, corporation numbered between 150 and 200 only prime numbers. how many time 6 will appear in building numbering?
This type of question if it is asked how many 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 then you bindly write the answer as 20. But for 1 answer will be 21 as 100 is included

5. ((4x+3y)+(5x+9y))/(5x+5y) = ? as (x/2y) = 2
Ans: as x=2y put the value and get the answer.

6: If we subract a number with y, we get 4 increase of number, once it got divided by y itself. Find that number?
Ans: 12 (we can easily predict from options, as we take y as 6)

7. I don’t remember exactly the question, one logical problem stating the colour of beer?
Ans: white. What ever the question about the color of beer means you wrote the answer as white because polar beer. This question is very lengthy don’t burther about that.

8. Jumbled letters, parakeet(answer)
Ans: Bird(category)

9. One question like. (209*144)^2 + (209*209)+(209*144)+(144*144) = ?
Ans: here you can use calc, many(4 to 5) questions were depend upon calc alone.(no need problem solving technique).

10. I’m only son for my parents. (some irrelevant statements in the middle to distract you). The man in picture is my father’s son (some irrelevant statements). Who is he?

A toy train can make 10 sounds sound changes aftr every 4 min, now train is defective and can make only 2 sounds. Find probability that same sound is repeated 3 times consecutively(1 out of)?
1. 16  2. 8  3. 12  4. 4
Thus 1 out of 8

11. Resistance is X ohm voltage Y then what is current
Ans: V=IR

12. I have 3 grandsons, age  different between 2 of grandsons X years, 1st grandson is twice elder than younger one adiition off ages of all the three is y than what is age of eldest grandson?(There is some value inX and Y).

13. Ferrari is leading car manufacturer.*Ferrari S.p.A.* is an Italian sports car. It has enjoyed great success. If Mohan’s Ferrari is 3 times faster than his old Mercedes wich gave him 35kmph if Mohan travelled 490 km in his ferrari the hw much time(hours) he took?
1. 8  2. 4  3. 7  4. 7.33
(Options may be different)

Lion rat stayin in jungle happily.
Lion lies on: Mon, Tue, Wed
Rat lies on:Wed, Thurs Sat
If lion says: I didn’t lie yesterday
Rat says: e1 i didnt lie yesterday
So what day is today?

14. The ratio of current age of X and Y is 5:7, after hw many years der age ratio will b 7:9?

15. Inspired by fibonacci series sanket decided to create is own series which is 1,2,3,7,7,22,15,67, like this, then what no come immediately before 63?
Ans: 202
Explanation: Check altenate no.1,3,7,15=====>n*2+1
Similarly 2,7,22,67=======>n*3+1
So series is 1,2,3,7,7,22,15,67,31,202,63.
16. By using 1,2,3,4,5, how many 5 digit no. can be formed which is divisible by 4, repetation of no. is allowed?
Ans: Last 2 place should be divisible by 4
So possible values at last place are 12,24,32,44,52 this can be arranged in 5 ways
The rest 3 places can be filled in 5*5*5 way so total is 5^4
17. The cost 1 plum is 1 cent, 2 apples is 1 cent, 3 banana is 1 cent. If Rahul buys same amount of fruits for his 3 sons spending 7 cent then what amount of fruit each child will get?
Ans: 1 plum, 2 apple, 1 banana
Explanation: 7/3=2.333 cents for each child
according to ans given for d sum each child will get 1 plum, 2 apple, 1 banana

18. 2880 is divided by which smallest no. So we get no. which is perfect square?
Ans= 5
Explanation: 2880/5=576 sure sort question.

19. There are to prime no(with some nonsence stuff) then addition of two prime no is 13, and multiplication is 21, then what are some of there squares?
Explanation: XY=21 and X+Y=13. Solve using calci
Ans of X & Y will b in points. Then x2+y2=??

20. Smita was makin 1 design(again some nonsence) size of larger cube to be made is 5*5*5 using smaller cubes of 1*1*1. She created solid larger cube Then she decided to make hollow cube. Then how many 1*1*1 cubes required to make hollow larger cube
Ans= 104
Explanation: (25+25)+(15+15)+(12+12)=104
21. 2X/5Y=5X/3Y Then what is x/y

22. A pizza parlor provides pizzas. There were 2 toppings available initially peperoni and salami.
But now they, have introduces 8 new toppings(some names) to select from. A person wishes to buy two different pizzas of new topping in how many ways he can do that?
Ans: 8 X 7=56

23. Person travels to(some nonsence stuff). If he goes from A to B with speed of 4kmph and
returns back to B with speed of 5 kmph. What is his average. Speed of Journey? (Values may be different)
Ans: 4.44(It’s not 4.5)
Explaination: 2PQ/(P+Q)===2*4*5/(4+5)=4.44kmph

24. There is a dice having value from 1 6 on each face and a pack of cards having face card aces(hugh chunk of nonsense). When 2 dies are thrown and their scores are added then which sum will come max number of times?
1. 8 2. 9 3. 10 4. 11
Ans: 8
Explanation: 8-2,6  3,5  4,4
9-4,5  3,6
10-5,5  4,6
Thus 8’s probability is more

25. ”Susha brought terilon cloth and rope to(some nonsence now just go to last 2 lines)”. If rope is 153 meter long and it is to be cut into pieces of 1 meter long then how many times will she have to cut it?
Ans: 152 times

26. There are some 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers parked(some nonsense) total number of wheels present is 240 then how many 4 wheelers were there

This can be done by looking at the option first check the no of bicycles and then multiply it by 2. And then substract the multiplication value from 240 if the value is divided by 4 then that is the answer
27. 1/3 of a number is 6 more than 1/6 of that number then what is the number.
28. The cost of making a robot consists of material cost, repairing cost, coloring cost and is in the ratio 3:4:5. If the material cost is 1200 then find out the cost of the robot.
Ans: Simple 3 part is 1200 so 3+4+5=12 part=?
29. There are pepsi 1 litre & oil 1 litre. It is given as 1 spoon of pepsi is aken and is mixed with Oil. Then 1 spoon oil&pepsi is taken and is mixed with pepsi then which of the condition holds true.
Ans: The amount of pepsi in oil is mre than amount of oil in pepsi.
30. An tank is filled with water. In first hour 10 lit, in second hour 20 lit and in 3 rd hour time 40 lit. If time taken to fill ¼  of the tank is 5 hour. What is the time required to fill up the tank.
Ans: As the water is filled as twice speed and in 5 the hour ¼. So in 6 hour ½. So answer 7 th hour.
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