TCS Placement-Paper

TCS Aptitude-Puzzle placement paper Question and answers

TCS recruitment process and aptitude test experiences

The aptitude test consists of 35 questions and there is negative marking.

There will be 60% for cut off.

Questions are like puzzles. No questions from profit&loss, time&distance, time&work.In my test there are 2 questions from ages,7 to 10 questions from probability. Some questions consists of 10 lines in which 5 to 6 lines are not needed to answer question. Time is main constraint¬† for the test.¬† Don’t try to solve 35 questions time will not be sufficient unless you are gem at puzzle solving. Concentrate on 25 questions those must be solved and must be right then you will be short listed.

Unfortunately i am not short listed for test.

Prepare well. All the best

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