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Dear Friends,

I am Manas Ranjan Mishra, I am a MCA student from BPUT Odisha, 2010 Batch. I was selected in the off-campus drive of TCS at Iter BBSR on 21-08-2010, as I can memorize some of the questions of aptitude test, I am writing some of them questions (approximetly based on memory)
Aptitude test
1. A man whose age is 45 years has 3 sons named John, Jill, Jack. He went to a park weekly twice. He loves his sons very much. On a certain day he find # shopkippers sailing  different things. An apple cost 1penny, 2 chocalate costs 1 penny. & 3 bananas cost 1 penny. He has bought equal no. of apple, chocolate & banana for each son. If the total amount he invest is 7 penny then how many he has bought from each piece for his son?
a)1app,1cho,1 banana
b)1 app,2cho,3 banana
2. A scientist was researching on animal behavior in his lab. He was very interested in analyzing the behavior of bear. For some reason he travelled 1mile in north direction & reached at north pole. There he saw a bear. He then followed the bear around 1 hour with a speed of 2km/hour in East direction. After that he travelled in South direction & reached at his lab in 2 hours. Then what is the colour of the bear? I think ans is white
a)white b)black c)gray d)brown
3. In a particular city there are 100 homes numbered from 1,2,3………..100. The city was build by a builder from Chennai. There was 45 shop in the town which was build by a builder from Mumbai. The 2nd builder can build the in ½ time as compared to 1st builder. If the 2nd builder builds in 15 days, then how many 2’s are used by the builder from Chennai in numbering the 100 homes?
a)17 b)18 c)19        ans d) 20          c)19
4. MR dash has 3 sons whose ages are respectively a,b,c. The grandfather has bought a cycle for the eldest son, mother has bought a bag for the youngest one which cost Rs: 150/. The sum of two  age of the elder son & one son is 15. The difference of age of sons is 3 & 2. Then what is the age of the eldest son?
a)10, b)11, c) 12,d)13
5. We all know that Arya bhatta is the greatest mathematics belongs to india . When his daughter Mayabati was in her teen age he discovered a problem. At that time the age of mayabati is a prime number,let that age is a. After some years  her age becomes b. then Arya Bhatta was able to solve that problem wit the help of he daughter mayabati. If a-b=5 & product of a& b is 26 then what is the sum of two squares?
A)77 b) 45 c)89 d)67
6. How many 13 digit numbers are possible by using the digits 1,2,3,4,5 which are divisible by 4 if repetition of digits is allowed? 5 to the power 12
7. (40*40* 40-31*31*31)/(40*40+40*31+31*31)=?a simle calcutation
8. x/2y=2a,then 2x/x-2ay=?(some thing like this .very easy )
9. A direct question on blood relation. easy one(ref R.S. Agarwal)
10. A big Question describing a story.After that a number is given eg what if we divide the number it ll become a perfect square?
11. 1st a story. Then a simple ratio problem. The question was if the ratio of age of two persons is 5:6,sum of present age is 33,then in how many years the ratio of their age becomes 7:8?
a)3 b)4 c)5 d)6
12. Mr behera wants to build A house for his wife. In this there are 5 rooms each having equal area. The length of each room is 4m,,breadth is 5 m. the height of the rooms are 2m. if to make a sq meter we need 17 bricks ,then how many bricks are needed to make the floor of  a particular room?
13. A very big story.on Tuesday  college parking place have only 4wheelers &  bicycles,total no of wheels was 182,yhen what is the possible no of bicycles?
a)20 b 19 c 18 d 17
14. Simple question between big one on average age. 5th like a,b,c weigheted separately 1st a,b,c ,then a& b,then b&c ,then c&a at last abc, the last weight was 167, then what will be the avg weight of the 7 weight?
15. Arrange the jumbled letters to make a perfect word RGTEI(sth like this). Find to which category it belong?(not so easy,I was bt able 2 solve the problem .the number of the question was 34)
A)town b)vegetable c)animal d) bird
16) Puzzle
3 persons a,b,c were there A always says truth, B lies on Monday, Tusday,& Wednesday. But  C lies on Thrusday, Friday & Saturday. One day A said ”that B &  C said to  A that” B said “yesterday way one of the days when I lies”,C said that” yesterday way one of the days when I lies too”. Then which day was that?
Ans: a) Sunday  b) Thrusday  c) Saturday d….
17) A long story & with in it a mathematical series present like
8  6  17  14  35  30  71   _  143.
Technical & HR Interview 
In the interview panel 2 persons are there, i am not sure but probably 1 technical & other one was Hr  
Hr1: Be sitted
Me: Thank you sir.
Hr1: Tell me about your self.
Me: Said
Hr1: Tell me about your project.
Me: Said
Hr2: Busy in doing some paper work, asked tools used in the project
Me: Said.
Hr1: So you have used sql server.
Me: Interrupted, I have used ORM concept. So I know less about it
Hr1: You know oracle
Me: Yes
Hr2: What is a curser
Me: Answered
Hr1: Types of curser
Me: Answered(I have studied pl/sql)
Hr1: What is a trigger & what are the types
Me: Told
Hr2: Different objects in DBMS
Me: Said
Hr2. Truncate & delete operation in DBMS
Me: Answered
Hr1: Can truncate be used in case of trigger
Me. Yes, after some time. no, no sir because trigger can only be fired on transactions(insert/update/delete)
Hr1: Smiled
Hr2: Difference between unique key & primary key
Me: I said only the definition of pk
Hr2: With smile, I want to know the difference
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know
Hr2: Constraints in oracle
Me: pk, fk, unique, check, nn
Hr1: What is a index & types of index
Me: Told
Hr1: Difference betn view,table & synonyms    
Me: Answered
Hr1: You know C

Me: Yes

Hr1: Write a program to find the sum of all evin no’s from 1 -100

Me: Write the code in C
Hr2: What is inheritance

Me: Answered

Hr1: Futn overloading & overriding
Me: Answered
Hr1: Some question on networking protocol
Me: Sorry sir I can’t recall the protocol 
Hr2: Why TCS?

Me: Because it is rich of technologies & is the no 1 it firm of India

Hr1: Who is thepresent CEO of TCS

Me: Sorry sir I don’t know

Hr1: Ok you can go

Me: Thank you sir

   Finally the result came out at 9.30 in the evening, out of 4.5k students only 200(approximatly) were selected, fortunately i was one of them & i became TCSIAN.

Some suggestions

All the question are easy, betweem in every question there are unnecessary data. Don’t confused with that. First read the question, then make rough calculation. Try to solve as many as possible. Questions are very easy, so don’t recalculate that. The 1st question are very very big. So start from question number 20(I’ve started). Finish upto 35 in 30 mins & it is possible(I have done 12). After that shift to question no.10 finish that in upto 20 in 15 mins(if any problem confuses a you leave that & you can solve atleast 7 problems in 15 mins , I have done). After that start from 1& move unwards. In this way you can answer upto 24-25,take a calcuter it is allowed  question. Be confident. My suggestion please don’t guesss there is negative marking. you can solve the problems.

Please go with calculater & I was not sure, but I think the question are same for all the students. The interview is very very easy. The panel wars very friendly. As I am suggesting to you, one of my friend sonalisa also suggested me prior to the interview & that helped me a lot in getting through  the written, so a very special thanks to my friend sonalisa & the panel of interviewer who selected me. I hope my suggestion will help you
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