Texas Instruments Placement-Paper

Date : 8/9/2005
Personal Interview
Some Tips

Here is some tips that will help u to prepare for hr interviews.Discuss it with friends,”sorry” in case of any mistakes in this.

  1. Something about uIt should about your family,childhood,schooling,B.E.,Future

  2. Tell u’r Strength & Weakness

  3. U should clearly explain u’r projects if they asked.

  4. Area of interest

  5. Have u attended any interviews before? If yes, then why haven’t you get selected?

  6. If u are not selected in my company then how do u feel?

  7. Why are u choose this field?

  8. What is u’r future plan?

  9. If they tell “ask some questions regarding the company” u should ask questions about the company

  10. see the website of the particular company before attend the interview

  11. why should we select u?

  12. Prepare in advance –at least 2 days before ,so that u would be more fluent and confident in interview.

  13. When the interviewer asks “Tell about u r self”
    start with”WITH PLEASURE SIR” -it is just to say “Thank u 4 giving me an oppourtunity to tell about my self”

  14. .Start with a difference
    ———usually students start with “My name is……,My father’s name is…..
    Don’t do the same ,Start some thing different like
    “People call me as …..”
    “My parents named me as …….”
    “…………….is my name”

  15. 4.Parents and family
    After telling u r name ,tell u r parents name only.
    A better approach would be “I’M PROUD TO BE THE SON OF MR…….AND MRS……”

  16. 5.Don’t organize as conventional essay
    ——u can swap the facts just to give the impression that u r spontaneous and had not prepared for this!!!!
    For example,
    After ur and ur parents details. u need not tell about u r school edu,
    but u can start to tell about strengths.Later u can tell about u r school edu( this is just to give an illusion that ur spontaneous)

  17. 6.Prepare a speech for atleast 10 min.
    ————–some times they expect even more…

  18. 7.Tell atleast 5 strengths and justify
    Don’t use single line statements like
    “I’m a confident person”
    “I’m a hard worker”
    Rather justify it.
    For example if r a hardworker u can tell like this…
    “sir ,i firmly belive in the power of hardworking.According to me the formula for success is hardwork only.In the past if i had succeded in any thing it is only because of my hardworking only….Because of my hard working only……………………
    Because of my hard working only………………….
    Because of my hard working only I had cleared the aptitude test conducted by u and in front of u.
    List ur acheivements and tell hardwork as the key for it…..

Simillarly,What ever u say justify it.Tell hoew u implemented it.How it helped u.What u acheived from it.How it will be usefull for the company.
Some of the strengths are………

Don’t forget to justify,no single line sentences!!!!!
Give practical examples…..
Don’t tell the weakness unless they ask
Don’t tell more than one weakness.
If u tell any weakness ,Don’t forget to tell how u rectified it or how u r working to overcome it.
Don’t be toooo honest in telling u r weakness.

  1. Hard working

  2. Positive attitude

  3. optimistic

  4. Ability to learn from mistakes

  5. Passion to learn new things

  6. Helping tendency

  7. time conciousness

  8. Good memory

  9. Extrovert person

  10. Team worker

  11. Leadership quality ……..

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