Hello friends, I am SHAMIK ROY an Electrical Engg.3rd year Student of ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGY, Aedconagar, Hooghly, West Bengal.


I m a lucky guy among 13 candidates who got placed in TORRY HARRIS from 235 students, on Mar 29, 2007.  It was a euphoric evening for me.


Total students appeared:  235

No of students qualified the written paper:  54 in apti & then 29 in technical apti.

Finally got offer letter:  13

Package:  3 lakh per annum.

There is no any kind of bond except EMOTIONAL BOND.

(1) Quantitative Aptitude (20 questions, 20 minutes).

This portion was very tough but main thing was time management. I started from last; some questns were little bit easier than first ones.

Some questions which I remembered are:

a) Lotus becomes triple after 1 min in a pond. If the pond is filled 1/3rd in 30 min, how much time it will take to fill the pond with lotus.

b) A problem on average of ages of students in a school.

c) A problem on train & time and distance.

d) Sum of all digits of the result of 1000^7-21 (not exactly bt same type).

e) Maximum no. of problems was from FACTORIALs of numbers. E.g.   What will be the unit digit of 96! ?

f) Some very difficult & time consuming problem related to FACTORIALs of numbers.


Cut off marks was 13 in our time. It may be 16. Basically there were 2 different sets of papers. I am informing only about my question set.

Within an hour results were declared. 54 among 235 cleared the aptitude round.


I cleared this round by God’s grace.

(2) Non- Technical paper ( 20 questions, 20 minutes) .

This paper basically had ques related to simple digital electronics, control system, micro-processor, general knowledge of computer, Analog electronics& was quite easy as compare to quantitative aptitude.

Some questions which I remember are:

1) How many address lines in 2048*4
Ans: 11

2) If unit input is an impulse response then its Laplace transform is
Ans: 1

3) What is the steady state error in transfer function G(s) = k/s(s+1)
Ans: k

4) What is the function of clk pulse in a flip-flop?

5) In SR flip-flop S=1 & R=0 then it set, wht will b the state whn S=0? Set or reset.

6) Wht is the size of main memory of a typical personal computer?

7) Wht is the name of binary mass storage device?

8) Why CMOS is not applicable in noisy environment?

9) Wht is the bit size of control word of a 32bit micro-processor?

10) The characteristic eqn of a system is s^4+s^3+s^2+s
= 0, what will b the positions of closed loop poles & zeroes

11) If input of a linear system is 5sin wt the output will b 10cos wt, now if the input is 10cos wt wht will b the output?
SORRY frndz

Still 9 questions I’m not able to remember guys, which were also simple like these.

Note: There was a technical paper for CS n IT students and choice for other students to opt either of the paper. I m from EE so I got non-technical paper n also for ECE students as well. You can also choose IT paper being a non IT student.

Within half an hour results were declared. 29 among 54 cleared the technical aptitude round.
I cleared this round also.


(3) GROUP DISCUSSION  (max 10 min for each group)

29 students were grouped into 10.hence there were 3 groups. In my group there were 9. Each group was allotted roughly 10 mins for this round.


Few topics were:

1. Whether there should be a quota in higher education for OBCs or not.

2. Commercial software Vs Open source.

3. Should the Special Economical Zone be made at Nandigram?


My topic was no.1
Actually all topics were based on current affairs. So go through news papers daily.

I cleared the GD and was selected for PI.


(4)Technical & HR interview (approx 15-20 min for each)

It was my first interview, I faced ever. It was totally technical but at first “tell me about your self” was asked only to me except others. The interviewer, I faced was quite serious but another was really a cool guy.
Few questions are:

Introduce yourself

Then he asked me what you know in computer science?

As I am from Electrical Engineering dept. I clearly told him that I learned C,data structure,OS in 2nd & 3rd sem so I am not able to answer up to the mark but sir if u ask questions from microprocessor, digital electronics, control system, Electrical machines & power systems then I can answer.

Then he asked…

What is the difference betwn microprocessor & microcontroller?

What is accumulator?

What is Interrupt?

What is flip-flop?

What is Karnoph map?

What is truth table?

What is www?

What is internet?

What is stepper motor?
Then as I won 3rd prize on paper presentation in The National Seminar, he asked me to explain the topic. I did this very well.

Some other CSE related questions from C, data structure, OS were asked to all except me.
I answered promptly & confidently all the question
At last he asked, u r totally focused in electrical engg. So how you will work in an IT company? I answered very smartly; the PPT helped me to configure my answer.


That’s it. I was selected and on spot I received the offer letter from them & shaken hand also. My most unforgettable moment.

Thanks to all who contributed to It really helped me a lot.
I finally thank one and all who have helped me through out my carrier and especially my PARENTS who are behind me and my LOVABLE FRIENDS of ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGY…& obviously my favorite teacher in ACADEMY Prof. SURAJIT CHATTERJEE of EE dept.

BEST OF LUCK FRENDZ…. Just work hard and you’ll make it… Hope to see you all in TORRY HARRIS …..


Hope my experience will help you a lot.

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