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Hello friends, I  m Siddharth Rathore , frm Arya college of engg. & I.T.,Jaipur and am a lucky guy amoung 1100+ candidates who got placed in TORRY HARRIS, it was a great experience for me.

Total students appeared:1100+
No of students qualified the 1st written paper:275
No of students qualified the 2nd written paper:85
Finally: 45
Package: 3 lakh per annum.

There were 2 sets of each of two written papers.

1)- Aptitude ( 20 questions, 20 minutes)(NO NEGATIVE MARKING).
Aptitude paper was a bit tough but the thing is time management.

Some questions which  I remembered are:
a) An insect climbs a 15m long pillar with 3m in 1h and 30 min rest, in rest time it falls 2m then find time to climb 15m pillar.
b) Square of  an area 12400 is given , find the time taken by a lady to move across a diagonal with speed of 15 miles per hour. (sqrt(2)* side)
c) sita likes 900 but not 899,like 400, but not 388,likes ..
she like squares..
d) rest i forgot.. but they are frm percentage,number system,speed,work,mixtures,..

2)They told that it will be technical paper but they gave 12 reasoning questions.( 12 questions, 15 minutes)(NO NEGATIVE MARKING). .
this paper had very simple questions but the thing is time management.

Some questions which  I remembered are:
a)direction question,u go in south 10 m,then towards north 15 m,then towards east 10 m,and finally towards west 5 far & in which directions u r frm the initial postion.
(simply draw 4 sides & move acc. to questions.)
b)certain condition was given & we hav to relate that with given any 1 option.(based on idiom & comments of english)
c-f)susan has to attain classes from september to june,3 language,1 chemistry,maths 1 & 2,geography 1,2,3,& 4 classes.
1) in one month only one class can be attained.
2) maths 1 has to be attained before chemistry.
3) maths 2 has to be attained after chemistry.
4) no language class before chemistry.
5) geog 1 & 2 and geog 3 & 4 are to be attained in consecutive manner.

4 questions were asked on during which months maths classes can’t be attained.
g) again a direction question,village a is in 120 north of b,b is 180 west to c, c is 40 east to far village a and d are and in which directon?
h)A para was given, and we hav to choose option that resembles or is crux,pith of that para.
(i chose god knows everything.may be true.)
i),J),k) simple Blood relation questions.(Stepdaughter-mothers,Uncle cousin, daughter..)

I attained 10 questions correctly in 1 st paper,and 8 correctly in 2 nd.

3)Technical & HR-
4 panels were thr.they took around 3 hrs or less to complete these interviews.
first they asked me to describe myself, i did it in short span. then as i mentioned java,c in my resume, they asked me to xplain Jdbc-odbc connection.i wrote all syntaxes and each and every point.. at my last line of explanation he told me to wait outside..
my interview lasted for 5-6 min..

some others were asked abt C & C++ as per resume..
so its all about LUCK that works on ur hard work…. so keep working.. someday will be reserved for u…meet u in TORRY HARRIS soon.

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