Hello friends, I am VIKAS GOYAL pursuing M.C.A from D.C.S.A (Department of Computer Science & Application) Kurukshetra University , Kurukshetra and I am a lucky guy among 580+ candidates, who got placed in TORRY HARRIS, they selected 8 students including me from my department. It was a great experience for me.


Package:  3 lakh per annum.

Criteria:   65% in B.Tech or MCA



Reporting Time: – 09:00 a.m

Selection Process Started at:-10:00 a.m

No. of rounds: – 4

1st was Aptitude Test – 20 minutes, 20 questions

2nd was Technical Test -20 minutes, 20 questions

3rd was GD (Group Discussion)

4th was the Personal Interview (Technical + HR)


Total students appeared: 580+

Qualified the 1st (Aptitude) test: 126

Qualified the 2nd (Technical) test: 60

Qualified the GD round: 44



Written test was very easy there were 20 questions in 20 minutes. There were 2 sets of papers. Mostly questions were different only 2 or 3 were same .I remembered some question:-


Ø  1 question was on clock (find degree between hour hand and minute hand at 3:15)

Ø  2 questions was on ratio & proportion(share)

Ø  2 questions were on time and distance.

Ø  2 questions were on area and volume.

Ø  1 question was on the percentage.

Ø  1 question was on age.

Ø  1 question was on the relationships.

Ø  1 question was on direction

1.    Two friends each travel 4 k.m in the opposite direction and then turned in there L.H.S and travel for another 3 k.m. Now what is the final distance between them.(answer is 10).

Ø  3 questions was on series ( simple ones)

Ø  2 questions were on the simple calculation

1.    There are 6 roads to reach to a city named as A, B, C, 1, 2, 3. A is blocked by flood, 1 is jammed. B is blocked due to maintenance, 3 is blocked due to an accident, and C is permanently blocked so by which way we can reach to the city?

2.    The 100 toys cost Rs. 300 how much the 300 toys will cost?

Ø  2 questions were very difficult (if it is 1 in the circle then how many will be there in an octagon) so that those went over my head.


Mostly the questions were easy, there was 3 or 4 questions those were difficult, rest was the simple ones. Main thing is the time management because it is very less time to solve out all the questions. Just keep your mind cool before the exam .Cut off was around 13 so13 solid answers are enough for clearing the test .don’t waste time & do all the guesses as there is not any negative marking .The R.S AGGARWAL is enough for the practice .Result was declared  after 1 and a half of hour.


Written test was easy there were 20 questions in 20 minutes. There were 2 sets of papers. Mostly questions were different only 2 or 3 were same .I remembered some question:-


Ø  What will be output of: – printf(“ bye!\b\bhello”);

Ø  What will be the output of the program (there was a semicolon after the for loop practice such type of questions).

Ø  Linux was developed by?

Ø  How will u print % by printf statement.

Ø  2 questions on the basis of computer fundamentals.

Ø  2 questions were on the operating system.

Ø  In my set about 10 questions were from C (almost all of them were from Exploring C )

Ø  In another set 4 or 5 questions were of C++ ( all from the TEST UR C++ SKILLS)

Ø  Mostly questions were based on evaluating the output of the program as given in the EXPLORING C.

About 10 questions were easy; there were about 5 questions those were so so rest was the difficult ones. Main thing is to concentrate on the problem. The time is more than enough if u has practiced well the EXPLORING C, TEST UR C SKILLS & TEST UR C++ SKILLS. Just keep your mind cool before the exam .Cut off was around 11 or 12 so12 solid answers are enough for clearing the test. Fill all the questions.


We were 60 who qualified for the G.D.They divided us in 4 groups, each consisting of 15 members.

Topics of G.D.:-

1.    Is it right time for Sachin Tendulkar to retire from cricket or not?

2.    Should Sourav Ganguly be appointed again as the captain of the Indian team?

It took hardly 5 to 6 minutes to finish one G.D. Since the time is less for 15 students so you should be quicker then others .They gave us the topic, my topic was the 1st one and gave 1 minute to recall the points about the topic and then asked to start discussion. It was the nice G.D. Your communication skills and 2 or 3 strong points related to the topic are enough for clearing the G.D.

Some of us could not speak. So just after 5 or 6 minutes, they stopped us and asked those to give their views who could not speak, one by one. Speak confidently, loudly and your voice should be audible. It is not the case that always you will be starting person, if your points are strong enough then no one can’t stop you. Don’t create a fish market.


PPT: –

With the 44 selected students for the last round, they started their PPT. It took 30 to 40 minutes to finish. Be attentive in the PPT because it can help you in the interview. If you are serious about company then you should shoot 1 or 2 good questions.


4th:–PERSONAL INTERVIEW (Technical + HR):-
Immediately after the PPT they started the interview process. There was the rumor that there is only HR interview but they were asking the Technical questions also .There were 3 interviewers in the 3 interview panels. On my turn I went to the room. There was a lady interviewer.

She asked me:-

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • You have a good academic record then why have you chosen the B.Sc and MCA in spite of B.Tech?
  • Have you any problem in relocation at Bangalore ?
  • Why do you want to go to Bangalore because it is very far away?
  • In what subjects are you comfortable?
  • What do mean by the string?
  • What are the different types of databases?
  • What do you mean by data structure?
  • Do you have any brother or sister?
  • What is he doing?
  • Do you want to ask any questions? (Always prepare 2 or 3 good questions for asking to the interviewer

The madam was very friendly. My interview was mainly HR but they were asking the Technical questions also to other students. So prepare well for the interview. Concentrate on your C.V. It is really VERY VERY important part.

Here you require to note the most important thing they calculate the average of each step and give weight age to each step so give your best from the very first round. My interview was not up to the mark but they still select me as I think due to my good performance in earlier rounds. Only a good and bad performance in the interview does not ensure your selection. Prepare all the HR questions ask all from you and prepare the best answers.


It was my most unforgettable moment. Because I have placed finally after struggling in 6 companies. So it’s all about LUCK that works on your hard work…. so keep working. Someday will be reserved for you…


I hearty thanks to all who contributed to It really helped me a lot. I finally thank one and all who have helped me through out my carrier and especially my Parents who are behind me and my Lovable and Caring Friends group and my whole class who always encourage me to give my level best in each company.

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