Torry Harris Placement-Paper

Torry Harris New and latest placement paper 2014-2015
Torry Harris Selection procedure ,written test pattern and placement papers questions with answers Technical Hr interview procedure. Torry Harris conducted walk in off and on campus placement drive in Banglore. More than 2000 came. Here Iam sharing my the pattern recruitment procedure Torry Harris this will help you guys

Hi guys…
Torry Harris conducted walkin in Bangalore on 10th Jan 2014. Reporting time before 9:30am.
The criteria was more than 70% throughout your academics from 10th to UG or PG without any backlogs.
More than 2000+ came to venue but only 1000+ were allowed as they were on time, others were sent back as they were late to the venue.

Torry Harris Selection procedure

There were 4 rounds 1) written test 2) GD 3) Technical interview 4) HR

Torry Harris Written Test
Time limit :1 Hour
No of questions :25
Negative mark :0.25

1) Written Test consists of 25 questions 1 hour duration, 0.25 negative marks for every wrong answer. 
10 questions quantitive aptitude
5 questions logical
5 questions language
5 questions technical
In quantitive everything was easy questions on numbers, logarithms, pipes, time and work, time and distance, decimals, directions, ages, relations….
Out of 10 I answered 9 all the answers got right and the other I let as there was negative marking

One question I can remember is log 2 = .3010 log 3 = .4771 calculate log 512 to base 5.
log 512 = log 2^9 / log 5 = 9log2/log5 = 3.876

logical was easy with some number series were given find odd one

language was lil’ bit tough some passage was given and questions relating to that.
Synonym of August a) dignity b) petty c) … d)… ans: dignity

Torry Harris Technical Questions

Technical most questions from c, c++ basics. find the result for the programs.

60 cleared from more than 1000+. I think 12 was highest and cutoff was 11. My score was 11.75 when I saw my paper during technical interview.

Torry Harris GD procedure
They made 6 batches of 10 each for GD.
Our GD topic was “most imp invention of human being from stone age till today”.
Only 2 got selected for next rounds from our group.

Total 30 selected for technical round.

Torry HarrisTechnical : 
He asked about Java. polymorphism, abstract class, overloading, over riding, multi threading, collections, sql, rdbms, inner join, outer join, exceptions …etc.
The interview went for around 45 min. 17 got selected for HR.

Torry HarrisTechnical HR
HR was easy only 5 min. Introduction, strengths, something about my place. He was just checking our communication skills.

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