United Helath Group Technical Interview Questions

United Helath Group Technical Interview Questions

a.Basics of .Net like Generics, Explain about your old project. What was your role. Explain the architecture of your project and reporting structure. How will you prove that you are valuable etc

b.Asked about the use cases from the past projects.

c.Describe MVVM pattern?

d.Different contracts in WCF, Diff bindings in WCF and explain them?

e.Questions on spring, hibernate, java, j2ee and real time performance issues

f.Expalin the difference between the Java clauses: “final”, “finalize”, and “finally”

g.Why .net is better compared to Java in your view?

h.Tables and relationship between tables.

i.Next 5 SQL queries are asked.

j.Questions on C, CPP Programs.

h.Asked to write a C program on Files.

i.Then basics on C, C#, Dbms, OS, OOPS.

United Helath Group HR Interview Questions

1.Tell me a time when you have to solve problems/issues

2.Why do you want this position, when it is clear you are over-qualified? Can you handle the redundant nature of the position?

3.What business is UnitedHealth Group mainly involved in?

4.Why are you looking for another job?

5.Why UHG, streangth, weeknesses,

6.Tell me about a time when you let down your boss or a co-worker

7.What would you consider your greatest success
8.What was one thing that you did which you are not very proud of in your job ?

9.How do you balance personal life and work?

10.What do you value success?

11.Healthcare industry experience

12. Tell me about yourself,

13.Movies you watched recently,

14.Family Background

15. Why U.H.G?, What you know about our company?

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