ValueLabs Placement-Paper

Hi all, Am Ramyadhana attended Valuelabs interview on 29th sep 2012.

It was a referal walkin over 2500 members attempted the written test and nearly 500 members  cleared written.

The written test paper pattern was as follows…..I dont remember the exact questions bt i can share my experience which gives you a idea….!!

ValueLabs Written test 25 Marks- 25 questions and 1hr duration..

1-5 questions covered english analogies…like

rich:poor ::——–:————
(nt as easy as this they are a bit tough)

(6-10)ques reasoning puzzle was given and asked 5 ques on it

There are five boys and three girls Rahul, ram, david…… we have 2 costruct a group only 3 or 4 people together.

Rahul and david will nt sit together kavitha sits only if ram is there in tht group like wise and questions on this arrangement…

(10- 15)ques one more puzzle from reasoning…

(15-22) quant aptitude...

15. A clock rotates 10 minutes slow for 24 hours… and the clock was set correct at 8 a.m what will be the time the watch shows when it was 1;pm the very next day..??

trains problem ,percentages  time and work etc…

(22-23) three C programs were given asking to write output as answer..

22)    #include<stdio.h>
#define sqrt(x) (x)*(x)
int main()
int d , a=3;
printf(“%d”, d);

output: 36

23    )#include<stdio.h>
int main()
int a,b,c,d;
printf(“%d %d” c,d);


24    )#include<stdio.h>
int main()
float f;

Mind Tree Group Discussion
After this second round was Group discussion. The topics given are very general topics like…
love marriage Vs arranged marriage
Todays kids are not worthy they use to be
communism Vs democracy etc…

I can give you  some of the tips to clear the GD.

First of all if you are  going to take the initiative then greet the HR first and then your co-participants… after that not directly going to the topic say like this some of the words…
“Today v have a very nice topic to discuss” or “its a pleasure to take part in the discussion” which gives the HR’s good impression on u… and then start saying about the topic…

Next listen to your friends what they are saying so that you can get new points to speak.

Be the first 3 members to speak don’t take a minimum of 2 minutes time to speak for the next time… Use ur “hand expressions” while speaking, and dont look to a specific person while speaking look to every faces including HR..

***And the most important point to remember don’t clash with any one which gives a very bad impression to HR on u…

If you don’t know what to speak then listen to others so that you can get a idea to speak…

I have cleared my GD and was called for the 3rd round after a week.

3rd round was Technical round 1 which was taken by some of TL’s and managers…

Self Introduction (be prepared 4 it vry well)

They vil ask a puzzle to solve like

8 apples and balance to weigh them.Of tht one apple is heavier find the heavier one. how times do u use the balance 4 finding?
Ans : 2 times

using 8 eights make 1000 u should use only addition for doing so…
Ans: 888+88+8+8+8

like this….

About your projects and questions on it…

they will  ask you  to write the names of ur academic subjects…( remember don’t write all the subjects write only those which u had idea of them)

questions on C, Java, SE, DBMS

and later 4th round Technical round 2 which will be done by directors

In this also same above questions
they will  also ask you  to write programs like

linked lists( single and double)
sortings(merge, quick..)
reverse a string without using strrev function
To count number of A’s in a string
like wise…

And the final round HR which is just for formality if you  clear tech 2…

And I  cleared all the rounds and got selected in ValueLabs….
All the best friends:) Bye…:-)

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