SAIL Placement-Paper

SAIL-Steel Authority of India Limited Mangement Trainee Entrance exam -SAIL MT 2014 General Awareness placement paper (held on 23rd march 2014)

Hi,I am Monika(final year student-btech).The test paper comprises of 200 questions divided in two sections.

section A comprised of 100 questions,time 75 min,objective type questions.
This section consisted the technical questions. It mainly focussed on subjects like power system,machines,control system,power electronis.

Having a good knowledge of these subjects is enough to score about 60-70% in the paper. questions were mainly of theoretical and coceptual type.only a few numericals were there with easy calculations.The most important thing in this paper is speed and practice.

As one needs to solve 100 ques in 75 minutes speed should be very fast and accuracy is required.there is 1/4 th negative marking.
A few questions i remembr are:
(1)Bohr magneton is the unit of-
(2)Metallic copper is-ferromagnetic,diamagnetic,ferrimagnetic etc???
(3)How many layers are there in scr?
(4)There was one ques from microprocessor.
(5)Question of p.u system in power system
(6)Reactance relay is used to detect which type of fault
(7)Why is newton raphson method better than gauss siedel method?
(8)Formula for time constant
(9)Equation used to represent discrete functions are called-differnce equation
(10)Question from faults
(11)Question from waveguide
(12)To calculate pitch factor
(13)Question  to check linearity of system
(14)Question from losses in machines
(15)Question from harmonics
(16)Question from zero sequence reactance in power systems

The 2nd section comprised of 4 parts:(100 ques in 75 min)
The most important thing in this sectn is the sectional cut off.
Part A had General knowledge(25 question).The topics covered were books and authors,awards,who appoints whom,dance forms of different places,location of famous places etc.
Some question i remember are:
(1)Book written by kapil dev
(2)Bhartnatyam originated in which state
(3)Kathak originated in which state
(4)Ganymede is satellite of which planet
(5)Who appoints attorney general of india
(6)Who is chairperson of lok sabha
(7)Magsaysay award is given for what?
(8)Amartya sen received which award-noble prize for economics
(9)In 2012 who received magsaysay award
(10)Pitampura is located in which state
(11)United nation was established in which year

Part B had english(25 question).It comprised of prepositions,antonym,synonyms and comprehension.Was very easy but comprehension is time taking.

Part C had aptitude(25 question).Main topics covered were-stocks and shares(5 question),simple and compound interest,profit loss(4 question).time distance,ratio n proportion,pipes and cisterns.

Part D had reasoning(25 question).It had set theory question solved using venn diagram(around 5 question),data interpretation and common data question

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